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Comment from: Dave Marrandette [Visitor]
Ah, buddy, Bill, you have forgotten the old adage, "Liars figure and figures lie." (Or is it lay?)
Anyway, you point is well taken. Let's have another whojamakallit win the PGA. It'll be good for the PGA's image.
08/17/06 @ 08:40
Comment from: Tony [Visitor]
Sorry mate but someone beat you to it on "doofus". Sure you don't want to change your mind?

08/17/06 @ 08:44
Comment from: Harold [Visitor]
Although I am a diehard Tom Lehman fan, it would be nice if you are right. Steve has paid his dues, played very well, been highly professional, and would be a wonderful representative of the PGA Championship. I remember, back long ago when I was a kid (okay midteen), always hoping for Bobby Nichols to win anything/everything. I think Steve would fit well with that legacy.
08/17/06 @ 12:33
Comment from: Stacy [Visitor]
I'm not going ot call you a "doofus" even though I believe that Phil Mickelson will retain the Wanamaker trophy!

Mooove over Tiger Woods! Phil is back in town!
08/17/06 @ 15:49
Comment from: The aussie hacker [Visitor]
The numebers for the year say another Aussie will win it if Tiger or Phil do not.
Particularly if Rob Allenby is in the hunt come back nine on Sunday.
One more thing - you do not want to go up against him especially in a play off!!!! - and not just in PGA tournaments. check out his paly off record world wide - it is quite scary!!
08/18/06 @ 07:47

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