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Comment from: Judge Smails [Visitor]

On this we're in total agreement. Powerful forces have long been trying to gain control over the Internet, which, for all its flaws, is a bastion of free expression.

While I have no doubt that Bush has good intentions with respect to this, this has the "law of unintended consequences" written all over it in bold letters. Once the PC powers-that-be have the capacity to control web content and punish those who run afoul of their strictures, these powers will have yet another tool with which they'll be able to squelch politically unfashionable expression.

Ironically, such control will do next to nothing to curtail the things that truly corrupt society, such as the rampant pornography on the Internet. You see, the forces in question don't fear decadence. They fear truth.
2006-08-04 @ 20:11
Comment from: putt4par [Visitor]
The flip side of that coin is US agencies enforcing US laws on international entities. ie, the recent arrest of the head of a british gambling venture in Costa Rica for the crime of Americans betting online at Costa Rica sites.

The onus should be on American citizens in this case IMHO, not the gambling entities in another nation.
The US at this point has control of the Internet, therefore it behooves them to control the citizens of the USA, not try to penalize foreign businesses.
2006-08-06 @ 23:21

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