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Comment from: Johnny N. [Visitor]
Close things out, Michelle. You deserve it.

Alot is up to Karrie. If Karrie shoots 66, that makes it kind of hard.
If Karrie shoots 72, then that makes it quite a bit easier.

So, it's not like, okay Michelle let's do it. Alot depends on other players, and how they play.

It is realistically between 4 players. I doubt Laura will win. So that leaves Wie, and 2 multi-major champions, Webb and Pak.
They have the experience. So that doesn't give great odds for Wie.
If she were going up against 2 decent players it would be one thing, but if she wins against those 2, that will be a great achievement.
07/28/06 @ 20:13
Comment from: Candace Polski [Visitor]
I finally figured it out. Michelle "overheated" last week because she had to wear the long pants. Yes, when she wears those cute little short skirts, her butt hangs out and,... well let's just say,.. the natural air conditioning help prevent overheating.
07/28/06 @ 20:29
Comment from: Wie supporter 2 [Visitor]
How did she get out of that pressure from John Deere and be so calm and focused? That's a-m-a-z-i-n-g, for anybody, let alone a 16 year old. Whether or not she wins tomorrow, she deserves some respect. All the adults in the media who wrote nasty things two weeks ago should be ashamed of the way they treated her.
07/28/06 @ 21:03
Comment from: One-Putt [Visitor]
That is true Candace, how can a girl play well or feel good about herself if they force her to dress as a Dyke? A girl just wants to feel pretty when she is surrounded by a group of guys.

Can you imagine the crowds tomorrow following the final groups? Michelle has a special outfit all picked out for her tomorrow by Nike.

07/28/06 @ 22:08
Comment from: sue [Visitor]
win or lose, i must say that she has been so consistantly good in the last several lpga tournaments. i'll be very happy for her if she wins, but even if she doesn't, another top 5 finish probably won't hurt her one bit.
07/28/06 @ 22:51
Comment from: Jay [Visitor]
Where are the Anti-Wie, Wie bashers ? Hello ?

Wie deserves to win at some time, but it does not necessarily have to be this Evian.
As one smart Alec pointed out that it all depends on how hot Webb or Pak is. On this top level, someone who catches fire usually wins. I would bet my money on Webb.

07/28/06 @ 23:27
Comment from: martin [Visitor]
wie shall overcome, wie shall overcome, wie shall over come oh yeah-
07/29/06 @ 01:33
Comment from: Jenney M. [Visitor]
Webb and Pak have had a great year so far and they've both shown that they aren't deadbeats. I was hoping Ochoa would have learned something from her mistakes last year at Evian.

Webb could have really run away with it today, but Wie & Pak were right there. I was almost expecting Webb to totally break away like Creamer did last year at Evian. My only regret, I wish I could watch it live.
07/29/06 @ 01:44
Comment from: sa [Visitor]
Finally: A positive article about Michelle Wie. To all you MW bashers (shame shame on you), even if she doesn't win tomorrow, she's still a winner, a class act all the way, don't let all those nay sayers distract you! You go girl!
07/29/06 @ 05:03
Comment from: JRPark [Visitor]
The final round got started in Europe and we will know who will emerge victorious in a few hours. I wish MW wins and, when she does, I want to see all big guns in women's golf playing at Evian congratulate MW from bottom of their hearts (as much as Karrie Webb did to Seri Pak when Pak defeated Webb at one playoff for her comeback victory-it was moving). A new star is born!
Golfer or not, winner or not, MW is a charming young lady and I want her to attract people around the world to the world of golf.
Caveat-Is MW a Korean, an American or a Hawaiian? We all want her to be part of us and remain a global celebrity for many more years to come.
07/29/06 @ 05:29
Comment from: Jenney M. [Visitor]
I'm not sure if it's the course or the number of rounds the women have played on this course, but there are an astonishing number of birdies this morning.
07/29/06 @ 06:03
Comment from: Military_Golfer [Visitor]
Jenney M., the first few holes are 360, 149 and 355 yards.
07/29/06 @ 06:25
Comment from: Jenney M. [Visitor]
Military Golfer,
And interestingly Wie never birdies the 2nd hole, but always birdies the 3rd.
07/29/06 @ 06:33
Comment from: Military_Golfer [Visitor]
Jenney M. r u watching it live ?
07/29/06 @ 06:38
Comment from: Jenney M. [Visitor]
Military Golfer,
I wish. No I'm just looking at the scoreboard. Sad. I know.
07/29/06 @ 06:43
Comment from: David [Visitor]
I just can't see Michelle winning this. I'd like her to finally shift that monkey from off her back, but she can't handle the pressure. She'd rather be in second place coming down the stretch on Sunday than be in the lead.
07/29/06 @ 06:58
Comment from: Military_Golfer [Visitor]
David. It's saturday. I on the other hand think she handles the pressure quite well. The only reason for her near miss after near miss is experience. She seems to be playing smatter this year. If you talk about not handling the pressure .. there is only one name. Ochoa! She has the game to win every week. The girl can manufacture birdies!
07/29/06 @ 08:28
Comment from: George [Visitor]
Sorry, Wolfrum. But you didn't get your wish. You and the other Wie Warriors will have to wait at least one more week for Win #1.

Karrie Webb won. Paula Creamer shot a fantastic final round, but her 3rd round woes kept her from winning.

And Michelle Wie remains winless.

07/29/06 @ 10:58
Comment from: Military_Golfer [Visitor]
Correct Goerge. She is winless after a few events this year. Her poor performance has landed her only 2nds and 3rds in the tournaments. If she posts another 2nd or 3rd next week, I think she should consider remaining in school while she is still young enogh to change careers.
07/29/06 @ 11:05
Comment from: Geary deFrancesco [Visitor]
Michelle Wie. She may have lost the Evian Masters this time, but watch out, this girl will catch fire and wont have to look back.
07/29/06 @ 11:44
Comment from: george [Visitor]
Comment from: Military_Golfer [Visitor]
Correct Goerge. She is winless after a few events this year. Her poor performance has landed her only 2nds and 3rds in the tournaments.
If she posts another 2nd or 3rd next week, I think she should consider remaining in school while she is still young enogh to change careers.

I never suggested Michelle should change careers, in this or any other post on the Wie topic. In fact, I've said she should do as she wishes, and that people should scrutinize her results as they see fit.

The 2nd thing I've said, starting last year, is there are other golfers who also deserve recognition along with Wie.

For example, I noted that Paula Creamer (winless in 2006) won four times in 2005, won twice on the LPGA, had a better rookie season than Anika Sorenstam, led her nation to a Solheim Cup win, and was the rookie of the year.

The disparity in attention led me to speculate whether there was some hype surrounding Michelle.

The third thing I've noted, is that when anyone posts something that stops somewhere short of being a ccomplete Michelle Wie lackey or acolyte -- in other words, somebody like you -- then the Wie Warriors (I take credit for coining that phrase, BTW) pitch a fit and respond with hyperbole.

To wit:
If she posts another 2nd or 3rd next week, I think she should consider remaining in school while she is still young enogh to change careers.

Military Golfer, you are straight out of central casting for the Wie Warriors. Paranoid, hyper-sensitive, angry.

It's not about Michelle, when it comes to criticism or skepticism. Heck, I think golf is the most cruel of games and I believe it is incredibly difficult to win a specific golf tournament. That's why when anybody wins a pro tournament, that's a pretty good accomplishment.

What it really is about is you and your fellow Pit Yorkies. It's about the spectacle of you Wie Warriors as you lumber in Michelle's wake, hoping to nourish yourself on a few nanoseconds of Michelle's 15 minutes, 15 months, 15 years of fame, whatever the number winds up being.

It's all about your desperation to bask in Michelle's reflected glory to validate your fandom.

07/29/06 @ 11:57
Comment from: Judge Smails [Visitor]

Perhaps you're unaware of it, but Hawaii is one of the fifty United States. Thus, if you're Hawaiian, you're American.

Bubbles is an American of Korean descent.
07/29/06 @ 12:12
Comment from: kevin williams [Visitor]
Thank you, Mr. Baldwin, for expressing my sentiments. I wish I had a granddaughter as sweet and eventempered as Wie. The aholes who are putting her down need to crawl in a hole somewhere. She is a class act. She is only 16, and no one plays as consistently excellent golf on the ladies tour as her with a limited schedule.
Of course she is at times childish......... she is, after all, a child.
I wish her and her parents all the best, ..........and Michelle, keep being yourself........you are a wonderful young lady.
07/29/06 @ 12:40
Comment from: Judge Smails [Visitor]

Bubbles received far more than she deserves a long time ago. She'll deserve a win the moment she earns one, not a nano-second sooner.
07/29/06 @ 12:50
Comment from: Stacy [Visitor]
Michelle Wie will eventually win a tournament. She can't come close so often without at least one victory and once she tastes it, there's not turning back.

I am neither Wie "basher" nor "warrior". Michelle has successfully learned how to compete but now needs to learn the fine art of winning.
07/29/06 @ 13:45
Comment from: Anne [Visitor]
I think for a 16-year old whose professional career is less than a year, so far Wie has a 2006 record that most LPGA members would have wanted for themselves, except for Annika Sorenstam. One shot behind Webb at 31 is twice her age and have her LPGA years to back up her win. Wie didn't falter at the end, even when she bogeyed and eagled all in the same round. Like it or not, at 16, she is learning, developing and accomplishing as a golfer, though not at the speed that her harshest critics would have liked. Dottie Pepper is one of those people who is always ready to pounce on Wie with criticisms and derogatory comments. Yet, she is completely mute when comes to Morgan Pressel and Paula Creamer. Morgan Pressel and Paula Creamer are both older than Michelle Wie, and they receive passes whenever they falter or didn't even come close to top 5 in the recent US Women's Open. I think some sportswriters and people need to develop some perspectives before they pounce on Michelle Wie at 16 ties 2nd with veteran Laura Davies, at 42 and both lose by 1 shot to long on-the-tooth 31 year old veteran. It is a win, albeit by a very slim margin.
07/29/06 @ 14:34
Comment from: nongolfer [Visitor]
Paula Creamer is a good young player. However, midia attention is not about history--it's about WHAT YOU HAVE DONE FOR ME LATELY. In that regard, Michelle has consistently beaten her this year. When Lincicome won over Michelle, she got PLENTY midia coverage.

Ah, other than, I guess Michelle just has a last name easier for headlines. See, all these reporters are trying very hard to be clever and "Wie" allows them to be creative with the titles. Althougn I always wonder why they put Michelle's picture in an article that says someone else won. Could it be that Michelle is photogenic than other girls? Unfair, totally.
07/29/06 @ 14:37
Comment from: ToddCommish [Visitor]
Umm, the word is "media". If you expect to be taken seriously (on this blog or in life), learn to spell.

Also, NOBODY deserves to win anything. Winning must be earned. So far, Michelle hasn't earned a victory. It's that simple.
07/29/06 @ 14:43
Comment from: nongolfer [Visitor]
So here comes a Ph.D. in English who wrote a dissertation on spelling. See, with the likes you around, why should I worry about my spelling? You will do it for me, and by the way, Word's spelling check is competing for your job.
07/29/06 @ 14:49
Comment from: sue [Visitor]
my heart broke for michelle and i'm just a spectator. i can't imagine what it was like for her to come so close....i am glad to hear that she was proud of herself for what she did at evian and gave herself some props. she should really be proud of herself for handling all the media, pressures, public attention as well as scrutiny with maturity and good manners.
07/29/06 @ 15:17
Comment from: One-Putt [Visitor]
Maybe many of you won't respect what Michelle accomplished this week at the Evian, after all she didn't win. You will dismiss the play of a Hall of Famer who played the best back nine she had carded during the entire week to earn the win.

You might not respect Michelle Wie, but Karrie Webb and Laura Davies do.

Congratulations Ms. Wie, you have gained alot of fans in Europe this week. Michelle drop a two iron in your bag and have some more fun next week.

07/29/06 @ 15:22
Comment from: nongolfer [Visitor]
Sue, put things into perspective and you will feel better: Michelle won $255,000 plus in four days, by [gasp]playing golf, about the same amount that the president makes in a year by...ya know, fighting a war.
07/29/06 @ 16:00
Comment from: Ann [Visitor]
I'm pleased with the way the contenders all played today. They all did really well, nothing to look back on and wonder "what if.." Michelle, Laura, and Karrie played great, and eventually Karrie played better, so she deserved and earned this the most.

As for Michelle and her handling the pressure, she is doing a fantastic job. She carries herself really well, and rarely says anything wrong. Sure, there were times when she let things slipped, but overall, she is a class act. She can carry the media, I tell you that.

On two side-notes: Michelle has earned $700,284 and has been consistently in the Top 5 in the six LPGA starts she has made this season. There are only two events left for her. Chances of her being the youngest and first non-LPGA member to break a million? Just a thought, I was wondering about.

Getting ahead of myself here, but the British Open is next week. Chances of JJ defending? Any early favorites? If I could take three, I'd pick Michelle, Karrie, and Se Ri.
07/29/06 @ 16:02
Comment from: Military_Golfer [Visitor]

One thing I am sure you know but won't admit to is that Wie has played great this year. The only tournament either Paula and Morgan have finished higher than her is in the match play chammpionship where Paula moved to the Semi's. It may be worth noting MW lost to the eventual winner.

George, that is why she is getting all the attention! It is about what have you done for me lately. Nobody remembers past glories when stuff is happening now.

Wie, is only 16, she is spanking many experienced veterans young and old in the 7 LPGA tournaments she has played this year, and she will win a tournament sooner or later. Paula and Morgan better deal with it, there is another kid on the block, and she is proving to be a load.

Over and out!
07/29/06 @ 16:15
Comment from: Ron Mon [Member] Email
I'm poster # 35...do I win an omelette?

I'd like to have seen her win, too, but not this week. Paula is in sophomore slump-city, while Pressel has yet to find her game. With her, more than Wie, college might have provided an opportunity to mature, deal with mom's death some more, and season her game under Dan Brooks' tutelage at Duke. Her swing seems much more flawed than Wie's. Wie is LeBron in Cleveland to Pressel's Carmelo Anthony at 'Cuse, except that Anthony got the year at 'Cuse, which made him a better player than she his/her first year in the pro ranks.
07/29/06 @ 16:47
Comment from: Military_Golfer [Visitor]

Why couldn't I say it like that? It's so clear!
07/29/06 @ 16:54
Comment from: Ann [Visitor]

It's six events Michelle has played in to be exact. As for Morgan and Paula, you're right with Paula. The only event she placed higher than Michelle was at Match Play. It should be mentioned that Morgan Pressel (the highly-tauted, number 1 amateur, whom most said took the "right" path to golf greatness as opposed to the one Michelle is taking) has yet to place higher than Michelle in the same six events that they played in together. As a matter of fact, in the six events Michelle has played in she has more than double the earnings that Morgan won in 15 events ($700,284 as opposed to $277,457) Although, Pressel is having a decent coming-out year, it's not great to say the least.

I'm not attacking Pressel, she will have better years in her future. I just wanted to make a point to propenents of the "beating one's peers" path, going the conventional route doesn't always prove to be right. The argument doesn't hold much water anymore.
07/29/06 @ 16:57
Comment from: Florida Mike [Visitor]
What a great tournament for Ms Wie. I just wish I could have watched it live. I was pleasantly surprised by the overall tone of this blog and hope to see more of it in the future. It is so tiresome to read some of what the "bashers" write. She is a class act and a fine golfer.
07/29/06 @ 17:19
Comment from: nongolfer [Visitor]
What I find amusing about "learn how to win" argument is that knowing how to close a deal at a junior level doesn't get you on a leaderboard automatically at the next level. What does "I know how to win" (as in the words of Pressel and Creamer) mean when you are miles away from the leaderboard? Am I crazy to think that one has to learn to walk, before learns to run?
07/29/06 @ 17:19
Comment from: Alex [Visitor]
nongolfer, After attempting to decipher your last post, my advice to you is change your handle to "non English speaker." Judge Smails, here is another candidate for consideration by the committee.
07/29/06 @ 19:25
Comment from: nongolfer [Visitor]
That's all you got today? C'mmon, you can do better.
07/29/06 @ 19:40
Comment from: One-Putt [Visitor]
Did Ford change his nick to nongolfer?

So what did you shoot today Alex? A 68 maybe?

07/29/06 @ 20:50
Comment from: andy [Visitor]
other than MW didn't win again, the naysayers really don't have anything else to say. MW came in second, which is pretty damn good, i don't care if it is the lpga or pga.
i think michelle has proven that the path she has taken is the right one for her. all those 'do it the right way' guys should give it a rest. there have been a lot of amateur champions that have won nothing on the professional level, pressel just being the latest.
i think morgan p. will turn out to be a pretty good golfer eventually and i actually like her. but when all is said and done, whose name will likely be in the record books, hers or MW?
07/29/06 @ 21:12
Comment from: Ford [Visitor]
Florida Mike another lost opportunity for Michelle today...I already have plans for my Florida lottery winnings. I hope all the Wie fans are beginning to learn a new catch phrase, " She's only 17".
07/29/06 @ 21:15
Comment from: nongolfer [Visitor]
I nominate Alex for the grand "Blog Shakespeare" prize, short-handed as "BS" prize.
07/29/06 @ 21:23
Comment from: Wayne [Visitor]
Guys and gals, the girl is not gonna win her first unless it is a major. Wait up, next week's tournament is a major, the Weetabix Women's British Open. MW won't settle for anything less.
07/29/06 @ 21:46
Comment from: One-Putt [Visitor]
"Comment from: Wayne [Visitor]
Guys and gals, the girl is not gonna win her first unless it is a major. Wait up, next week's tournament is a major, the Weetabix Women's British Open. MW won't settle for anything less."

I hope she loaded her two iron in the Nike jet. Take a tip from Tiger Michelle!
07/29/06 @ 22:02
Comment from: george [Visitor]
Comment from: One-Putt [Visitor]
**Take a tip from Tiger Michelle! **

Dear M.

Thanks for your e-mail inquiry. I do have some tips for you about how not figure out how to win a professional tournament. Please see the 14-page attachment, based on the amount of help I believe you need. I hope I have the right address. You apparently didn't read the last two e-mails I sent you at your request. Even Phil read the one I sent him a couple of years ago about majors.

Sincerely, T.
07/29/06 @ 23:09
Comment from: Ann [Visitor]
If you have a valid point, then make it. Not everyone is going to agree with you, but no sense in name-calling and personal attacks on people who've never known or met. Since when are there 10 year-olds on the blogs?

We all have different opinions, and some of us are unlikely going to change them (myself included, I admit). Maybe I've been raised a different way, but my parents have always taught me of agreeing to disagree.
07/29/06 @ 23:55
Comment from: tasha [Visitor]
The unfortunately negative tone of the "bashers" of Ms. Wie is set by their fearless leader, Chris Baldwin who is supposedly a professional journalist. He simply sounds like a very petty angry middle aged man. Just to get a rise out of the the so called Wie Warriors, he slips in something negative pertaining to Wie (however, totally incongruous it may be) even when his blog is about, let's say, Sergio Garcia's choice of clothing colour at the Open.

Notice how nobody is reacting to his antics anymore. And how long will it take him to blog something negative about her 2nd place finish at he Evian? well, he did mention something about a watch--get over it Chris, you can't have that watch.

The hype is media created and certainly can't blame Michelle for that. She just shows up at the tournaments, uses her exemptions and plays the best that she can and keeps any negative comments to herself despite some of the bitchy attitude among the LPGA players. I started to watch LPGA golf because of Michelle and have started to appreciate the other players as well. LPGA will be remiss if they don't take advantage of the fact that Michelle does attract more spectators.

She is still a teenager but with an enormous talent, poise and confidence that keeps her grinding away with a positive attitude no matter what is said about her.

Morgan Pressel did take the conventional route and so far she is struggling on the pro tour which may negate comments that Michelle should play in the junior amateur tournaments to learn how to win first. Morgan will win one day, but emotionally, she still needs to mature and get to where Michelle is and perhaps, we will see better golf out of Morgan. Either way, these young women are doing something very few people in the world get to do and they are doing it very well.

Congratulations to Kerri Webb, your experience and fine play came through this time. And Michelle you have alot of fans and supporters who want you to "just do it".

07/30/06 @ 01:46
Comment from: Joe Cool [Visitor]
Michelle beat Creamer by 4
Sorenstam by 6
Pressel by 14
Lincicome by 28

Where is Dottie Peppermouth now?!
07/30/06 @ 02:06
Comment from: tasha [Visitor]
Well, I suppose the bashers never have been told by their mothers that "unless you have something nice to say, don't say it". Eventually negative comments start to sound very silly when the subject of the attack is doing well and seemingly unfazed by all the idiotic comments that surround her.

Yeah, where is Dottie Pepper? or Chris Baldwin, or Nancy Lopez?

"You ain't got IT, girl, because you ain't won no tournament, yet, and my my, everybody wins on da tour, da first year they turn pro. What? Nobody told you dat, girl?!"

Well, going head to head with Kerri, Se Ri, Lorena, and Laura and coming in second as a mere 16 year old is unheard of.

Surely, she has the talent to win every single tournament day in day out--tongue is planted firmly in my cheek, of course.
07/30/06 @ 02:33
Comment from: nongolfer [Visitor]
I like Kerri Webb and Annika Sorenstam. From their interviews they come across as gracious and down to earth. They may not be happy about the fact that young players have received more attention than seem warranted, but they have kept their mouths shut and channeled that energy into their performances on the course. They are real competititors, very respectable. Michelle said very nice things about her playing partners this time in interviews and said that she learned a lot from them. Smart kid.
07/30/06 @ 02:37
Comment from: tasha [Visitor]
Good comments, nongolfer!

Negative and catty comments get way too much coverage. I haven't heard one negative comment from Michelle nor does she react to what's being said about her. She also kept her mouth shut and "channeled that energy into their performance.. . . ."

Professional sports is all about excellent performance and sportsmanship--although in some sports trash talk is encouraged, but golf is still a gentle women's sport.

Michelle faces the media during the best of her times and the worst of her times (such as her disqualification early in the season) and she does it with poise (no flowing tears there) and with a delightful girlish sense of humour that only those who have teenage daughters would understand. Yes, she is a very smart kid.

07/30/06 @ 02:54
Comment from: Jay [Visitor]
Comment from: Ann

Getting ahead of myself here, but the British Open is next week. Chances of JJ defending? Any early favorites? If I could take three, I'd pick Michelle, Karrie, and Se Ri.

What about Annika. She will feel sad you are leaving her out of the winner candidate pool.

Is Annika going from 'world domination golfer' to now 'just another contender' ? Her domiation was during the period Pak and Webb was out in a big slump, so it was good while it lasted, but it seems she will never achieve such uncontested era again.

Indeed it is the golden era of LPGA with so much talents now that Annika is not even the top 3 choice for British Open winners.
07/30/06 @ 05:09
Comment from: Ann [Visitor]
Comment from Jay:

Indeed it is the golden era of LPGA with so much talents now that Annika is not even the top 3 choice for British Open winners.


Yes, nothing against Annika, but I'm just not feeling her. Aside from her win at the US Open, she's still feels like she's having an off year. She barely cracked the Top 10 in the Jamie Farr and the Evian. But Karrie is getting hot, and Se Ri seems to be back in shape. And with Michelle and her consistent Top 5 finishes, how can she not contend for the Open? I think Annika would probably contend too. But if I had three favorites/contenders it'll be those three. If you had to choose three early contenders, who would they be?

Note: I'm not pick the winner of the event, just those who would contend.
07/30/06 @ 08:53
Comment from: Candace Polski [Visitor]
One putt, and anyone else...do you really think that "Candace Polski" comment earlier in this blog was from me? Come on. John D or Smails finally figured out how to spell my name when pretending to be me, but they fail to impersonate me in any other way. As Alex will tell you, I never have a post that is that short. Let alone that crude and pointless.

So Wie finishes second, and everyone has something to be happy about. People who like to watch her play, enjoy her game, and follow her as a fan are pleased with that result. The only thing displeasing about it from the fan's perspective is that those who dislike Wie will be going on and on about how failing to win shows how Michelle should still be in home economics, learning how to do the things women are supposed to do, like cooking and tending to a man. OK, so maybe only Smails goes that far. Alex and the others just want her to go away.

Anyway, don't be fooled by a name - when the content is clearly not congruous with the alleged "poster", you probably have a third-grade prank on hand. Witness the next post.
07/30/06 @ 14:39
Comment from: Judge Smails [Visitor]
Well, all this talk about Michelle Wie just points out how women can do anything. I am going to sign up as a campaign volunteer for the Hillary '08 election drive. And I am going to buy my wife a pair of shoes and even let her out of the house once a week from now on.
07/30/06 @ 14:43
Comment from: ToddCommish [Visitor]
Tasha says "The hype is media created and certainly can't blame Michelle for that. "

Ummm, either she IS in control of her decisions (media attention, sponsorships, men's tournaments, etc.) or she isn't. Herein lies the biggest problem of the Wie-warriors (notice I'm not hammering on Wie herself).
07/30/06 @ 14:43
Comment from: nongolfer [Visitor]
I personally think Michelle Wie playing against men is not about making a feminist statement. Even if she can eventually become a factor in PGA events, it doesn't mean that female golfers can do so in general. I support her career choice because in our society ANYONE should be allowed to go as far as her talent takes her. Michelle Wie has the right to pursue her dream as long as opportunities exist, just like everybody else. So, in my view it's a question of allowing her to choose her path, rather than making a political statement that is too heavy for her shoulders.
07/30/06 @ 15:21
Comment from: Jenney M. [Visitor]

I fully agree. Michelle Wie isn't a neo-Feminist. She's just a girl who wants to play golf. It doesn't have to make a political statement or be for the good of the game. Why is it such an issue if she plays?
07/30/06 @ 15:28
Comment from: Jenney M. [Visitor]
To the real Candace P., that was hilarious.

At any rate, I started watching the LPGA because of Annika. I was pretty much only watching the PGA pre-Colonial. I stuck around, because of Se Ri Pak, Grace Park and the Asian invasion. And now I watch primarily for Wiesy. I was sad that I couldn't watch Evian live, but I guess for all the hype it gets it's still not a major.

Re: British Open. I don't think one can ever discount Sorenstam, despite her sketchy play all year. Webb has got to be a favorite after the season she's having, plus she's won it 3 times previous. I think with Se Ri Pak, it's just a matter of time she's back to full form.

Wiesy is honing her game. I'm impressed at how she's reading her own putts, even though it's a bit excrutiating at times. Eventually, she'll get faster and better at it.
07/30/06 @ 17:19
Comment from: Alex [Visitor]
I predict that Bubbles will win the Weetabix by at least ten shots over runner-up Brittany Lincicome. She will do this since she can hit her two-iron 250+ yards on the fly and with the added roll on the dry fairways ala woods, she will be on in two on all the par fives. Her putting is now the best on the LPGA tour as was exhibited at the Evian. Her driving is in the 300+ yard range no matter what the LPGA averages say. This will be her blockbuster debut in the winner's circle. She will be in the last group at the Omega Masters' and may even win for the first time in a men's event. She may not win at the 84 Lumber, but she'll make the cut by plenty and finish at least top ten. The good old boys at Augusta National will find it hard not to give her a well-deserved invitation to the Masters'. And, with such momentum, she will be a lock cinch to qualify for the US Open and finish top ten or better. By that time, she will have already won the US Women's Open as well as a majority of the other events on the LPGA tour. And of course, the Sony in her native Hawaii will also be in her trophy case. Yes, when Bubbles booms out, the whole world will know it. You all can bet the farm on it.
07/30/06 @ 23:31
Comment from: Jim C [Visitor]
Michelle Wie may qualify for next year's US Open. But if she does play in the Open, I am quite certain she will not already have won the US Women's Open--since the US Women's Open is held two weeks later.
07/31/06 @ 00:27
Comment from: george [Visitor]
Non- and Military-Golfer

Obviously, sports is a what have you done lately milieu.

Yet you both suffer from reading comprehension woes. I stipulated that Paula is winless in 2006.

However, my comments referred to my observations MADE DURING 2005 that a rookie golfer such as Paula Creamer who won four times in 2005 gained far less attention than Michelle Wie DURING 2005.

My suggestion was that hype for Michelle would explain why Creamer received less media attention DURING 2005.

The responses, of course, were the usual boring and predictable from the Wie Warriors. The same whiney comments that appear in 2006 from the Wie Warriors.

In reality, nothing substantial has changed. Michelle still seeks #1.

07/31/06 @ 04:23
Comment from: Alex [Visitor]
Jim C, After I posted that, I caught the mistake and I wondered which Wie Warrior would be the first to catch it. Congratulations! But, of course, Bubbles will then win the US Women's Open. No doubt about it.
07/31/06 @ 07:19
Comment from: nongolfer [Visitor]

You know, there is such a thing in the world called "bad writer." If two people misread your post, it's your problem not ours. But that's okay, since you are not competing for the Blog Shakespeare prize. I am off to work. Have fun with your Creamer vs. Wie debate.
07/31/06 @ 11:07
Comment from: George [Visitor]
Comment from: nongolfer [Visitor]
If two people misread your post, it's your problem not ours.

No, it just suggests you're both illiterate.

07/31/06 @ 14:31
Comment from: Jenney M. [Visitor]

Am I believing what I'm reading from you? When have you been so pro-Wiesy?

07/31/06 @ 14:32
Comment from: Alex [Visitor]
Jenney M, I've experienced an epiphany. I've seen the light. Bubbles is obviously the best thing since sliced bread, just as all her fans have been saying. Even though she hasn't won yet, I fully expect her to have at least a half dozen victories by this time next year and at least one might be in a men's event. As I said, I fully expect her to not only make the cuts at the Omega Masters' and the 84 Lumber. I think she might make the final group in both. And she will definitely win the Casio, and qualify for the US Open and be in contention on Sunday. I've got high hopes for Bubbles. None of that wishy-washy "I hope she plays well and has fun" stuff for Alex. Jenney M, you got to aim for the skies. A girl like Bubbles only comes along once in a lifetime. History is being made by Michelle right before our eyes. Get on the bandwagon! Go, Bubbles!
07/31/06 @ 16:04
Comment from: putt4par [Visitor]
You all should read this article.


Then sit back and enjoy MW instead of whining about what you all think she should be doing.

She is doing just fine, thanks!
07/31/06 @ 17:19
Comment from: Jenney M. [Visitor]
Stop whatever you're doing and go to the hospital, now.
07/31/06 @ 19:35
Comment from: Alex [Visitor]
Jenney M, Now why would you think I should be hospitalized? Because I have predicted great things for Bubbles? It took me a while to get the message, but now I'm leading the charge for Bubbles. Actually, several other posters on this site have flatly predicted even greater accomplishments for MW. One-Putt said she is going to get an MBA in order to manage her vast financial empire. Jim C said that she will win so many tournaments on the LPGA that everyone will be sick of her victories. Others said that when she starts winning, no one will be able to stop her. In fact, O-P said she won't be satisfied with anything but a PhD. Read back some of the posts on these blogs and you'll find that my predictions for Bubbles are quite conservative. Hospital, indeed!
07/31/06 @ 20:18

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