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Golfer Supremacy Rankings happy to be back on a mustache ride

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When the Golfer Supremacy Rankings debuted in 1995, the first edition was titled "What a Mustache Ride! Corey Pavin wins the U.S. Open!" It was a great way to break our cherry, and now Pavin is back on top and we couldn't be more turned on. We're only up… more »

Bring back the 'stache! The Corey Pavin appreciation blog

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You're Corey Pavin and you're one round from your first victory in a decade. You've single-handedly put the U.S. Bank Championship in Milwaukee in the news, much to the chagrin of the hate-filled mainstream media. And we salute you for it. Corey Pa… more »

Hoping for a Michelle Wie win: Because she deserves it

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I'm not such a cold person. I love good things, and flowers and puppy dogs and rainbows. I want Floyd Landis to be found to have done nothing at all wrong and be cheered as a hero. I want Charles Barkley to become the governor of Alabama, and make things… more »

Floyd Landis waits for judgement while Wie waits for Tiger's phone call

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Some random thoughts: So who will be golf's first Floyd Landis - the Tour de France winner that was reportedly found to have an abnormally high testosterone level? At this point you'd just have to throw out all known rules of humanity to think there i… more »

If Lance Bass can admit to being gay, why can't a pro athlete?

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Few things must be stranger than being in a hugely popular boy band and having women throw themselves at you constantly, all the while you aren't interested. Such appears to be the fate of 'N SYNC's Lance Bass, who, aside from having an astronaut fixa… more »

A bald, tearful Tiger Woods and a top-5 Michelle Wie highlight an uncertain future

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In the not-so-distant future: Daddy? Yes, son? Who is Tiger Woods? Well, he wins a lot of golf tournaments, son. What? He's one major victory away from breaking the record for all-time majors. Huh? He's the one that gives all t… more »

Tiger Woods detonates the Golfer Supremacy Rankings yet again

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Sitting around the cooler here at the Golfer Supremacy Rankings, the conversation normally works its way around to blowing things up. Like how Tiger Woods blew up the field with his driver in the bag. Or how Nike is likely prepared to blow up the image o… more »

Iowa hunters learn the dangers of attacking golf bloggers

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A while back, looking to have a little irresponsible fun at the expense of others, I wrote a piddling little blog about a decision by the Ottumwa, Iowa city council allowing deer hunting on local golf courses. For me, it was mainly an opportunity to use… more »

Is the ultimate demise of the U.S. starting on the golf course?

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The initial recorded time that someone made the comment that the U.S. was headed to hell in a hand basket came on July 5, 1776, in a New York Times' editorial titled "John Hancock: Why an ego-maniac with big handwriting shows America is doomed." That… more »

The British Open: The waiting is the hardest, and best, part

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The first time I remember being enthralled by the anticipation of a sporting event was in Sept. 1981. Sugar Ray Leonard and Thomas Hearns stood at opposite sides of the ring for endless, delicious moments as they prepared to finally engage in what would… more »

Golfer Supremacy Rankings: If you can't take the heat, who cares?

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The dedicated staff at the GSR's were all 16 once. Young, impressionable, bulletproof and complete emotional wrecks 92 percent of the time. Luckily for us, we didn't have to do much on a national stage at that time. That would have just been catostrophic… more »

Golfer Supremacy Rankings: Where a blonde Lincicome will always trump an old Doyle

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Here at the Golfer Supremacy Rankings, we love nothing more than seeing a young female player give a Zidane head butt to the chest to her competition and get a breakthrough win. Here's to you Brittany Lincicome. And while we're at it, we applaud the e… more »

From Tiger Woods to Dale Earnhardt Jr., emotion affects us all differently

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I readily admit I'm not the best at sharing my feelings. I do my best to be an open book and am willing to admit anything - like my current mancrush on Zinedine Zidane, for instance. After some brief self-analyzing, however, I've come to the conclusion t… more »

Golf Tea: The final frontier of marketing shoves golf down your throat

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Because it was only a matter of time before someone stooped this low, Gadot Biochemical Industries brings us that new beverage craze: Golf Tea. Golf Tea. GET IT????!!!! Yes, Golf Tea. The first tea product that allows its marketers to use phrase… more »

On a day for Freedom, make your voice heard on direction of the Internet

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If you're American like I am, you can't get through a sentence without using the word freedom. The freedom to talk about my freedom is one of the most freeing things in my free life. Of course, while talking about freedom is great, actually taking adv… more »