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Mickelson going nuts in Georgia, will it last?

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At some point, Phil Mickelson must have gotten tired of hearing what a phony he is. I guess Lefty decided to get people's mind back on his game. 63-65? Are you kidding me? Heck, if you put up those numbers on PlayStation, you're looking to hit paus… more »

Wie Warriors closer to being unbearable, while Gulbis, Sorenstam start slow at Kraft

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While Lorena Ochoa was busy getting her name in LPGA history books with a staggering 10-under 62, Michelle Wie went from the classroom to the first major of the year in style, with a sterling 66. Morgan Pressel did little to disappoint with a 3-under… more »

Death of Paul Dana has golfers and drivers on the same page

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On the outside, golf and auto racing couldn't be much different. Sure, it can be said both contain elements of chess, but one requires you to be blasting over terra firma at reckless speeds while plotting your moves. The sports attract a different typ… more »

I swear: With women and sports, Brooks finds a blogging niche

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Reading Mark Nessmith's admission of swearing too much, I was struck by not only his honesty, but his overall lameness. I'm sure he swears some, but no clue hath he. I swear like an angry, drunken, herpes-addled sailor who just found out his parrot f… more »

Extending his season, Tiger gives yet another brave performance at Tavistock Cup

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Right now in Orlando, Fla., the best golfers in the world are teeing it up in the Tavistock Cup. One would expect a tournament, even an unofficial one, with the best players in the world competing would garner more media attention. Alas, the fact tha… more »

Golfer Supremacy Rankings see Ames, Van de Velde get last laugh

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The Golfer Supremacy Rankings constantly come under fire from other golf rankings, who accuse the GSR of not taking many vital factors into consideration. Remember one important thing, however: other golf rankings are stupid. That being said, there… more »

Duke and Gonzaga get the boot, will Players Championship stars get same treatment?

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For unrepentant Duke haters like Chris Baldwin and Drew Curtis, yesterday's Duke loss to LSU had to be like having their birthday fall on the same day that their new Playboy arrived -- so good they had to lie down. Add to that Gonzaga falling apart ag… more »

Legacy of Michelle Wie will far exceed Rush Limbaugh's

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Rush Limbaugh's statements regarding Michelle Wie showed why ESPN was willing to take the risk on him as a football analyst. Limbaugh is nothing if not an intelligent, charismatic speaker. As an entertainer, Limbaugh demands respect. He's taken what T… more »

It's no joke how far long-driver Dan Boever crushes a golf ball

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There appears to be some type of strange correlation between hitting a golf ball extremely far and insanity. Once you start hitting a golf ball around 350 yards, each additional yard you add seems to add to your weirdness factor. Which may explain why… more »

In continuing effort to cease existing, Ford pulling golf sponsorships

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Watching the Ford Motor Company go about its business is at once comedy and tragedy. Of course, such shouldn't be surprising from a company started by a man who both revolutionized the concept of middle-class in the U.S., while at the same time fundi… more »

Colossal collapse makes Owen No. 1 in latest Golfer Supremacy Rankings

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We receive literally millions of e-mails daily asking how we put together the Golfer Supremacy Rankings. Some offer bribes, kickbacks or sparkly things in order to get a golfer ranked higher. Sure, we could let a company like say, Titleist make these… more »

Hugo Chavez would love New York village's attempt to swipe private golf course

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About a year ago, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that local municipalities may seize private property for development purposes. As one could imagine, this decision caused outrage and confusion. Would municipalities take advantage? In Manhasset, New York… more »

Tiger Woods, Ernie Els, all-star cast has Bay Hill Invitational looking like a classic

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The Bay Hill Invitational, which will officially change its name to "Arnold Palmer's Baby" in 2007, is off to a roaring start. With the first round coming to a close, the leaderboard is looking star-studded, as within two shots of the lead are: Tiger… more »

South Korean PM the latest to fall to golf's political rampage

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South Korean Prime Minister Lee Hae-chan resigned today, because of the unstoppable controversy caused when he played golf while a railway strike was causing transport chaos. Right on. While I am no Lee Hae-chan hater, let me just say this -- he pi… more »

Attention Michelle Wie, other young golf stars: Let Mark O'Meara be your friend

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The Scene: After finishing 73rd and last at the Honda Classic, Mark O'Meara is home, looking confused. While he's pleased that he's not this guy, he knows his game needs help. He used his one-time top-50 career money list exemption to play the 2006 PGA T… more »