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Comment from: mamboking [Visitor]
Like Phil said, I vividly remember an interview with Lee Trevino in 2004. He said: "If I were one of those guys in the PGA tour, I would be as quiet as a Church mouse", because he will come back next year and win 2 majors". Exactly what happened. Never give extra incentive to the guy that already has the best game in golf.
2006-02-23 @ 09:57
Comment from: jaypee [Visitor]
There is a fine line between being motivated, for a sport event, by an opponent's remark and considering yourself to be untouchable. Ames sure made a big mistake and paid for it in the sporting event.

However, like the previous incidents with Vijay or Phil, Tiger takes it to another level, a crime of lese-majesty. Nobody is allowed to comment on his game or make harmless jokes about it.

Ames was deeply humiliated by the score. No need to rub it in, drive a stake through his heart and come back with "nine and eight". That's childish.

Tiger is always perfect. Don't ever doubt it. But a little sense of humor and self-mockery could help. After all, his opponents didn't draw cartoons.
2006-02-23 @ 11:24
Comment from: mamboking [Visitor]
Jaypee, where were you when the GQ article was published about Tiger Woods making off-colored jokes during the GQ picture shooting session? That pretty much sealed Tigers humor lips to the media for the rest of his life.
2006-02-23 @ 12:07
Comment from: Gordon [Visitor]
Ames should have kept his mouth shut. There was no joking in his tone when he commented that he had a chance to win, because Woods was hitting the ball all over the place. Ames made those comments because he as tired of hearing that he had no chance to win, I have no problem with that, but back it up. If you don't want to get embarrassed then play better, if your best is not good enough then don't say anything in the first place. I have no problem with what Tiger did, people take shots at him all the time, all he did was fire one back, with his clubs and his mouth.
2006-02-23 @ 12:26
Comment from: tasha [Visitor]
Well Stephen Ames did it again. He is known to make disparaging comments in the past, about Tiger Woods which he did in an article in the Calgary Herald a few years ago and said, in essence, that Tiger was a bad role model for young kids for a number of reasons. Read it in the archives.

This is coming from a guy who lied to US immigration authorities about where he lives so that he can play in the US full time and when the lie became known, he was only allowed limited access to the US.

I don't think Tiger's ever forgotten about that article. Give Steven Ames a chance to speak and his golf shoes seem to be get lodged in his mouth every time.
2006-02-24 @ 13:31
Comment from: jon [Visitor]
The media decry the supposed lack of personalities in PGA, only to slam them for making any controversial statements, So, what does Tiger get for letting his guard down and sharing private thoughts/jokes with them? A slam bam headlines. LOL No wonder he clams up. Reporters have their own interests at heart and will act accordingly, putting spins and at times distorting to present their agenda. The proverbial chicken or egg debate. I read an article way back concerning the changed relationship between pro athletes and reporter as a result of the huge discrepencies in their respective incomes.
2006-02-25 @ 12:10
Comment from: kieran [Visitor] Email
you are fuking fit
2007-03-16 @ 09:32
Comment from: RobertScot [Visitor]
Stephen Ames is a terrible ambassador for the sport. I encountered the jerk today at the Buick Invitational. Today was open to the public. I was standing at the putting green in my workout clothes,having just run in Torrey Pines state park. He walked by, and as I wished him good luck, the asshoole had the nerve to ask me if I had credentials!! Whata putz. I told everyone I spoke with about it, and they all agreed. He has no clue about Karma. Trust me,he is a loser. Plus,he has dimestore Wooden teeth! Other pros like KJ Choi, Bubba Watson, Richard S Johnson, Tom Pernice, and Tommy "2-Glove" (Big Break)are great ambassadors for Golf. Ames wil get his ass kicked this week, trust me. His wooden teeth will give him splinters when Tiger shoves them down his wimpy throat. Wot an asshoole
2008-01-21 @ 23:57

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