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Comment from: Ron Mon [Member] Email
What in life isn't pure marketing strategy? This sentence is, as I am marketing my opinions. That wink is, as you are marketing yourself to a sexy girl. Even the urinal cake in the company bathroom is pure marketing strategy. Bravo to someone who offers something new. Now, however, he'll have to find a way to have three loops return to the clubhouse.
2006-02-07 @ 22:11
Comment from: Pete [Visitor] Email
You've completely missed the crux of the message. What we have here.... is a failure to communicate. Read between the lines...Time...Cost...Difficulty are draining away future resources...namely new golfers. Studies show todays golfers want a quicker and less frustrating game than that of their fathers. Lets give the average golfers what they really want...not what we think they want...and quit creating these "traditional" full-sized ego golf courses that benefit only the elite golfer.

I'm not saying this six hole concept has that much merit, but it sure is evident that if we stay with the old traditional 18 holes...who will be there to play?
2007-01-20 @ 23:21

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