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Comment from: Ron Mon [Member] Email
I assume that you are the blonde and your wife is the brunette, Wolfe? How about Americazilian for the kid's catch phrase? It ain't cabalinasian, but it's syllabically-challenged.
2006-02-03 @ 00:17
Comment from: jo [Visitor]
this is really cool. hope you get a contract. but money can't buy everything.
2006-02-03 @ 04:05
Comment from: Lester Hinson [Visitor]
This is VERY irresponsible of you, Wolfrum! I mean, if Nike gives YOU $50,000 then 50,000 Nike employees in SE Asia lose a week's pay. Hey, those kids need that money, you jerk!
2006-02-03 @ 05:13
Comment from: Justin [Visitor]
Sorry Willie! Nike is about to welcome their newest spokeman to the world in March. He's my son and he's only 2, but he is the size of an average 5 year old, thanks in part to a rigorous training regimine, consisting of weights, cardio and of course flexibility(lots of spiders). He hits the ball upwards of 15 yards with a regulation driver, 20 with his custom sawed-off driver. He is coming off a dominating win in the Jerimieh K. Trotter 3 and under invitational one of the most prestigious pre-k tournaments in the nation and we are going to except a sponser's exemption to the upcoming Nissan Open, we feel the time is right to take on the big boy's of the PGA tour. He has one amateur victory under his belt and their really is no point in him playing against his peers, they simply don't offer a challenge anymore. We don't expect him to make the cut at the Nissan Open, but hey niether did Tiger in his first try, so he would be right on par with Tiger's early attempts. After all his is only 2 we figure he has 18 more years or so of missing cuts before people start to question our career choices. Nike has also graciously offered to arrange a head to head match play event between my son and Michelle Wie in 2016, that way one of them will be guarenteed a victory at some point in their careers. So sorry, but the tag of child prodigy is already taken, tell your unborn and unconcieved child to pay his dues first.
2006-02-03 @ 13:04
Comment from: Mark Parker [Visitor]
Provided your son, can shoot a round under 80, we are certainly interested in helping him to get a sponsors exemption, given his tender age.

You have also claimed that his first attempts will miss the cut just like Tiger. If it turns out that he can shoot better scores than Tiger's first attempts, just like Michelle Wie did, then we will be very interested in sponsoring him.

William K. Wolfrum,
Sorry, but we are not interested in sponsoring your unborn son who has shown no potential as of yet.
We decided to sponsor Michelle Wie because at that time, she had already shown that she could come very close to making a pga cut twice.
Her pga attempts were far ahead of Tiger's first attempts, and her excellent performances on the lpga tour, and in the US Amateur Publinx, persuaded us that she was worth backing.

If your son shows similar skill and has similar success, we might just consider backing him also.
2006-02-03 @ 13:43
Comment from: Justin [Visitor]
Mark--You wouldn't be suggesting that a win at the Women's Amateur Publinx, 7 missed cuts on all levels of men's golf and a few top 5's on the LPGA tour are good enough results to merit $10m a year, would you? What about the comparisons to Tiger's early attempts on the PGA tour, would you be saying that she will one day have the career that Tiger has had based on these results, becuase if you or Nike is saying that than your both crazy.
2006-02-03 @ 14:15
Comment from: Mark Parker [Visitor]
Sorry Justin, but by the US Amateur Publinx, I was not referring to her win, as the youngest winner ever in an adult usga event, when she won the Womens Amateur Publinx.
I was actually referring to her success at the Mens Amateur Publinx. To put it in context, she was the first woman ever to qualify for a usga mens event.
Add to that, she made the cut there, and beat 3 top class male adult amateurs to get to the quarter finals.

You could say, what about the other 7 people who got that far in that same tournament. However, her being the first woman to qualify sets her apart. Add to that, how young she is. Those things make her achievements all the more remarkable and indeed marketable.

The next point is very important. People often claim that Tiger Woods was winning events like that when he was her age. The facts are very different. Tiger won the Junior version of the US Amatuer Championship. However, he was not able to get past the last 32 stage of the adult event, until he was 18 years of age.

So her acheivements thus far have been excellent, in that regard.

As regards your question of lpga finishes, you are either forgetting, neglecting to mention, or are unaware that no woman has won an lpga event, under the age of 18 years.

Michelle has only just turned 16 and has only played 1 event as a 16 year old. She should have 15 more events to break the record of youngest winner on the lpga tour.
If she were to win any of those events, it would bring outstanding recognision and credit to her. Her high finishes so far, already make her a contender for each lpga event that she enters. That means the Nike logo should be in good display at those events.

As regards comparisons to Tiger Woods. No we certainly are not saying that she will have a career as successful as Tiger Woods.
What we are saying, is that people should not be degrading her early attempts at the pga tour, given that her attempts have been better than those of the worlds greatest player, in his first events.
2006-02-03 @ 15:23
Comment from: John [Visitor]
For those of you who are curious about what Mr. Parker is raving on about, the link above presents one way of looking at the statistics for the two golfers during the first few years of PGA Level competition. You will have to zoom the pdf display up to a readable size as the chart is quite wide.

There are actually two comparisons on the right-hand side of the page. One compares their performance across a three year span in age (Michelle at 13 vs Tiger at 16 and so forth) The other across a four year span in age (Michelle at 13 vs Tiger at 17 and so forth).

Before you draw blasters and flame me, let me state that I am fully aware that this chart says absolutely nothing about final ability. It merely shows that for the first 4 years (including the one currently in progress) Michelle's level of performance is roughly equivalent to that achieved by Tiger when Tiger 4 years older.

The statistics for the current year show a distinct advantage forming for Tiger at 20 vs Michelle at 16.
This statistic is based on comparing one appearance by Michelle to 13 appearances by Tiger.

The apparent advantage may evaporate if Michelle makes a relatively better performance in her next appearance, or it may grow even more pronounced. Only the future will tell. That's why we will be watching.
2006-02-04 @ 12:41
Comment from: Ron Mon [Member] Email
Hey, wait a second. Is that the real Mark Parker, or just somebody who signed on as him? If so, why does Wolfrum get all the celebrity viewers? Hold on, Sean Cochran just included me in a blog, so I shouldn't whine. Sean, I'm up to fifteen spiders, with twenty in my sites.
2006-02-05 @ 00:04
Comment from: Joe Cool [Visitor]
Your green hair of envy will not get you many dates. You, like most of the media can not drop the MW contracts with Sony & Nike. The NBA is far worse paying out huge salaries for only "potential." So...knock it off and leave Michelle alone!
2006-02-06 @ 10:47
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