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Why golf fans must ensure Sophie Sandolo's place on top of the World's hottest athletes

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Sophie Sandolo is in contention for ESPN Page 2’s "Hottest Female Athlete of the Year," and we must help her win. Speaking to the 29-year-old Sandolo for a recent article, I asked her if she had any trepidation regarding turning 30 thi… more »

Making cut after wife arrested, merchandise stolen, makes John Daly an authentic knucklehead

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There's a fine line between being a sideshow, and being an entertaining knucklehead. Recently, my thoughts have gone from wondering why PGA Tour players are as dull as David Feherty's wit (referencing Rosie O'Donnell and Richard Simmons in 2006? Why… more »

Sound the conch: TravelGolf's Chad Campbell appreciation blog

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With the plethora of golf bloggers wandering around here, it's amazing anything gets missed. Issues that you were unaware were issues until we told you they were are ping-ponged about on these pages. Pros and cons are given, and feelings are hurt wit… more »

Time, Inc.'s deal to buy new Web site great for golfers sick of having choices

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I read about Time, Inc.'s purchase of, and was unsure what to make of it. Obviously, it makes sense. It's a great URL, and all that. But I like to research these things in depth, so I looked around some to see if this was really a good idea.… more »

New York Times: DeLay, Abramoff and others victims of golf's temptations

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The New York Times -- that infamously liberal newspaper that helped bolster the case for the war on Iraq and ran a story about the U.S. spying on its own citizens a year late in deference to the White House -- this weekend took an interesting look at the… more »

Michelle Wie gets thumbs up from someone who knows PR -- Sophie Sandolo

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Someone who knows a little something about promotion had this to say about Michelle Wie: "I've seen Michelle Wie play and she is an exceptional player. She has really good people behind her and will only help promote women's golf." That is from Lad… more »

Reality bites: Why you need to get your kids on the golf course

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If you're a golfing parent, do this right now: Unplug your kids' computer and get them on the golf course. Because your kids are getting out of hand. Ok, please note I'm talking the collective "your kids" here. I'm sure Your kids are just wonderful, i… more »

Ford, a better golf ambassador than U.S. President, recovering from pneumonia

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Gerald Ford, the oldest living former President of the United States, is in the hospital today, fighting off a case of pneumonia. While at 92, such a condition is not to be taken lightly, reports are that Ford is doing well and resting comfortably. Fo… more »

Consecutive aces to start has Scotsman thrilled, Kim Jong Il unimpressed

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Calling the experience "surreal," Scotland’s Gary Cruickshank had a solid start to his round at Aberdour Golf Club in Fife – scoring aces on the first two holes of his round. According to, Cruickshank is a 10 handicap, and finished th… more »

Michelle Wie's slow start the consequences of PGA Tour's willingness to sell itself

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In the world of pop music, when Britney Spears caught everyone's eye and made big bucks for more or less being naked and shaking it, it wasn't too much of a shock to me. After all, it wasn't as though she was a talented musician. She just seemed to me to… more »

Travel to Brazil for fun and to remember a blight on the face of humanity

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Here in Brazil, just about every city has its own flea market, where locals and travelers can barter with vendors for everything from albino chickens to cute little puppies to just about any type of keepsake one can imagine. Salvador de Bahia is no ex… more »

Brazil golf resort guests beware: A Speedo, or sunga, could be in your future

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Here at the Catussaba Resort in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, finding golf is no easy matter. There’s just one golf course – a 9-holer – and golf really isn’t the main draw in this sun-drenched city. What is easy to find is men in sungas. What’… more »