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As generations collide, will the travel industry adapt or overreact?

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How will a distinct difference in generations affect the travel industry, asks a story at Delaware Online. The Baby Boomers and Generation X are at a crossroads when it comes to travel ability and interests, and just one can emerge victorious, while the… more »

Bribery and soul selling make Tom DeLay 2005's most important golfer

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There is an obscure federal mandate that declares that all golf bloggers must have some type of year-ending awards presentation. It's a Patriot Act thing and yet more proof that the best laws are ones that are actually read by those doing the passing.… more »

2006 wish list: A PGA Tour player with something to say

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As we enter 2006, it's becoming increasingly obvious that golf needs one thing more than anything else: a competent bad boy. John Daly had the title for a while, but he's gone way too mainstream. They could find Daly passed out naked with a brigade of… more »

Yes, Gulf Coast golf, there is no Santa Claus

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To update: The “Gulf Opportunity Zone Act of 2005,” which will create eight billion dollars in tax relief for Gulf Coast businesses affected by Hurricane Katrina, has passed through congress and will likely be passed into law. The Bill will exc… more »

Slamming golf balls off neighbor's house leads to Hilton Head hijinx

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From the Department of "Man I Wish There Was Video of This":According to the Island Packet, a 49-year-old Hilton Head Island woman was arrested recently, facing charges of vandalizing her neighbor's property and assaulting a police officer.It app… more »

Using 'lack of alcohol' as an excuse just one reason to love Darren Clarke

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After basically choking away his chance at winning the Target World Challenge this past weekend, Northern Ireland's Darren Clarke was pragmatic regarding his downfall. "I swung it pretty poorly all day and it was going left a bit, and then bogeying tw… more »

Gulf Coast golf courses get the shaft from U.S. House of Reps

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Gulf Coast golf courses are no different from a massage parlor, liquor store, casino or hot tub facility. At least not in the eyes of the U.S. House of Representatives. In voting through a multibillion-dollar tax package of tax breaks to revive hurri… more »

The Morris Men: A golf saga about two rivals, and one reader

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There's nothing quite like curling up with a good book, or so they say. Right now, I'm reading The Morris Men by Stephen E. Mitchell. And I'm reading it, because I told the guy I'd review it. The Morris Men is the riveting tale of two lifelong English… more »

Ohio loses a golfer

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According to the News Herald in Ohio, Army Spc. Allen J. Knop of Munson Township was killed in Iraq recently, after spending 13 months in combat, then reenlisting. From the News Herald: "He was a golfer and he was always very careful with his money… more »

Help golf blogger buy private island, create World peace

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So lets say you have the gross national product of South Africa stuffed in your bank account, and use krugerrands in vending machines just for the rush. If that's the case, here's a potential Holidays gift idea – a private Caribbean golf resort designe… more »