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Comment from: Shanks [Visitor]
New commercial on the gov't network .... These North Korean guys are REALLY good.
10/04/05 @ 13:10
Comment from: Clive Carpenter [Visitor]
Your readers might like to visit AnyoneForTee, where they will find a full account of the Dear Leader's fabulous round, including exclusive pictures taken at the time.
We do however have a small point of difference from the "official" North Korean report, which, as you point out, claims that the Dear Leader still shoots in the low 50s. Our correspondent understood that he had in fact given up the game altogether, having found it far too easy to be interesting (please see extract below). He took up amateur brain surgery instead.

The Dear Leader, faithful to the national philosophy of 'Juche', or self-reliance, has never had a lesson. Indeed, his heroic 38 under par score was his first and only round of golf! When he learned that this was a full 25 strokes better than any other human had ever achieved, far from being tempted to take the game up seriously, he decided that there were greater challenges to his intellect and atheletic ability, and has not touched a club since.
10/05/05 @ 13:35
Comment from: Clive Carpenter [Visitor]
Re my comment below, I see that some readers are having difficulty finding the page with the Kim story because I gave the site URL and not the page. My apologies, now corrected.
10/11/05 @ 03:17
Comment from: Oseary [Visitor] Email

I don't think I've ever laughed so hard in my life, as to when I read on an MSNBC article that he had 11 holes-in-one...

Anyone else hope that Tiger will stand up and invite him to a round...?
02/16/07 @ 09:45
Comment from: zastava9 [Visitor] Email

Even Tiger Woods won't stand a chance if he plays in North Korea!
06/16/09 @ 02:18
Comment from: Daniel Drager [Visitor] Email
The best golfer ever i can truly say i doubt that. The only reason he was reported to have shot so well was that if the reporter wrote anything bad about his golf game, the reporter wouldn't be alive. Kim Jong Ill is not the best golfer, I can not say that from seeing him play, but I can guess that he would be sore looser if you beat him, you would pay with your life.
07/14/09 @ 17:08

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