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Search-engine queries show bloggers' dark side

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Being a blogger is a job full of perks. We get to travel all over the globe to play golf and write about it, for one. I mean, that's a seriously cool perk. But there are others, like seeing Cheap Bastard spend an entire evening trying to h… more »

Golf Community Alert: From now on, it's Mi-Wie

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Having seen the leggy rara avis that is Heather McMichael comment that nothing may be deemed a golf blog without two mentions of Michelle Wie, I realized some important things. First of all, trust me on this, be happy that Chris Baldwin is fixated on… more »

A missed 3-footer? Monty would gladly take a win that way

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When John Daly missed a three-foot putt to lose in a playoff to Tiger Woods at the World Golf Championships in San Francisco, Woods gave a look of dismay and later said "You don't want to win tournaments like that." It was at this point that Colin Mon… more »

A golfing debut with 11 aces makes Kim Jong Il the top Korean

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After reading Jennifer Mario's absolutely gushing blog about South Korean golfers dominating the LPGA's Office Depot Championship, I realized something needed to be done to present a more balanced picture of Korea. I mean sure, South Korea has great a… more »

Weekend Rules: Should a golf ball to the nose lead to criminal charges, breast augmentation?

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Golf is very well regulated, which is good, for if it weren't a simple golf tee would considered a dangerous weapon and be taxed accordingly, making a bag of 100 tees cost upward of $78,000. With that in mind, welcome to the Weekend Rules, where today… more »