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Comment from: el mental [Visitor]
As if the thought of Tom DeLay playing St. Andrews was bad enough.
09/21/05 @ 14:34
Comment from: Al Clark [Visitor]
Who Cares Idiot !!!

You know you really can come up with some dumbass things to write about.

Still Waiting
09/21/05 @ 15:19
Comment from: William K. Wolfrum [Member] Email
el mental: Yes, my friend, every time a politician, lobbyist, lawyer, etc., plays a course like St. Andrews, a little of that course's magic goes away. I believe you can actually figure out how much using a modified version of Game Theory.

Al Clark: Were you aware that there are 16 million hogs in Iowa? Just a little tidbit is all, but man, that is one heck of a lot of hogs. You can probably get bacon for just about nothing in Iowa.

09/21/05 @ 15:31
Comment from: el mental [Visitor]
It's too bad people think that watchdogging our country is stupid.

What's got to happen before people care that scumbag lobbyists like Abramoff are now determining the policies of our nation?

Hats off to William for tackling a subject that most of the media outlets are too chicken* to cover, even if indirectly and in the context of how it affects golf (which is important!).

*maybe they're not chicken, maybe they know that most people are like Al and really don't give a damn.
09/21/05 @ 16:45
Comment from: Al Clark [Visitor]
Give me a break.... There are a hell of alot more pressing issues to worry about in the world then this bs. Write about something that matters.

09/21/05 @ 18:09
Comment from: Al Clark [Visitor]
Oh Yeah.... WKW the propaganda spreading liar and local village idiot.

Billy Boy.... I bet you rode the "Short Bus" to school. Oh yeah... I bet you still have a bus pass for one to take to work too.... RLMFAO
09/21/05 @ 18:12
Comment from: el mental [Visitor]
The theft of our country is a pressing matter - it's a shame nobody is paying attention, or stick their heads in the sand because they just can't face the fact that everyone surrounding our President is either corrupt or incompetent or usually both. Just get over it and if you can't do that at least have a better rebuttal than "it's left-wing propaganda!!!, MSM, MSM, MSM!!!!!" You're not Rush Limbaugh and in real life people expect real answers. ;)

09/21/05 @ 20:55
Comment from: Jim Kahn [Visitor]
And Bill Clinton just liked smoking cigars. If you think the Bush Administration is corrupt, you obviously smoked Bill's cigars.
Obviously you don't know how the "real" world works.

So, go collect your check and maybe they'll give you a welfare chit to play golf.
09/22/05 @ 10:26
Comment from: golfpro [Visitor]
Make up your mind -- partisan or non-partisan. You can't take a cheap shot at Bush and then say it is a non-partisan issue.

Your (I assume) Democratic politicos certainly never accepted freebies from lobbyists (or foreign countries), so you're on solid ground flinging around mud.
09/22/05 @ 10:41
Comment from: William K. Wolfrum [Visitor]
Wow, Jim, stinging rebuttal. Being that you're going with the "Well, the other guys were bad, too" line of reasoning, why don't you go back further in time to find another bad president to try and take the heat off of GWB. Herbert Hoover was pretty atrocious, you could always compare Bush to him.

Plus, Hoover was born in Iowa. I doubt they brag about him as much as they do John Wayne, however.
09/22/05 @ 10:53
Comment from: el mental [Visitor]
Wow, pretty typical Jim. Confront facts with insults and act like it's nieve to think that lobbyists shouldn't run the country.

Oh and BTW, are you ever going to get over the fact that Clinton liked getting BJs? Because frankly it's getting to point where you may want to consider some professional help for that disturbing obsession.
09/22/05 @ 11:00
Comment from: William K. Wolfrum [Visitor]

Well, until they get around to amending the Constitution to remove that pesky freedom of speech thing, I can fling mud like Karl Rove on a bender.

But, in all seriousness, with the republican party having completely removed itself as the "anti-big government" party, and the democrats sort of wandering around in a fog, I'm about as non-partisan a person as you can find.

Because you can't be partisan in what has basically become a one-party system.

-- WKW
09/22/05 @ 11:13
Comment from: Al Clark [Visitor]
Plus, Hoover was born in Iowa. I doubt they brag about him as much as they do John Wayne, however.

Yo Major Short Bus.... that was funny. Wanna go "Snipe Hunting" ?

09/22/05 @ 15:11
Comment from: better researcher [Visitor]
Before you write slanderous pieces such as this, please actually bother to do a litter research. The affidavit (you can link to it from the latest www.govexec.com article on Safavian) filed by the FBI CLEARLY states that Safaviand paid $3,100.00, which covered the cost of the airfare. According to the ethics rules that apply to all Executive branch employees, Safavian would have been under no obligation to ask anyone's permission to go on the trip if he had decided upfront that he would pay for the flight. Also noted in the affidavit, is that Safavian took unpaid leave (rather than paid vacation) to further avoid the appearance of wrong-doing.
09/22/05 @ 18:05
Comment from: William K. Wolfrum [Member] Email
Better Researcher,

First of all, you can't "slander" someone in print. That would be "libel". This is important, because when you dork up a little fact like that immediately, it hinders your following argument.

So why does your possibly, slightly biased source say there is an investigation with Safavian, and why did he resign? Was it pressure from the communist, left-wing media?

I had to get away from that site is the problem. I found myself with an overwhelming urge to put on a tie, destroy porn, tithe and then cut old people's benefits.

-- WKW
09/23/05 @ 09:10
Comment from: Al Clark [Visitor]
WKW, You an idiot !
09/23/05 @ 15:07

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