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Comment from: Al Clark [Visitor]
Billy Boy,

You have some unfinished business in the other blog where you decided to "insult" hunters and Iowans. Have you decided to take your keyboard and go home because the heat was too hot for you ? Stop hiding behind you montiter. You spoke about things that you have no understanding of. I myself am more than willing to have a adult conversation with you about your insults and ignorance that you displayed. But the longer you hide the more we all start to understand how much of a chickensh!t you really are. Come on out and play Billy. Or are you scared ? Its not like we can reach through the computer moniter and pull you to us through the world wide web. Or do you just feel stupid now knowing that us John Wayne wannabe's can go toe to toe with you and back you into a corner in a spirited discussion which requires a little bit of intelligence ? Are you scared that a "hunter" has a superior intelligence level than you ? Oh by the way.... many of us hunters could also probably kick your a$$ on the golf course too !!!

Come girly boy... lets have a discussion.

Al Clark
aka birdhunter88
aka bird
aka John Wayne
aka Big Bad Bohunk
09/17/05 @ 17:59
Comment from: Al Clark [Visitor]
But as you all likely know, it just takes one person to make everyone look silly. And I'm no PR expert, but I'm not too sure how "Angry hunters with a grudge" will play across middle America.

Kinda like your comments insulting Iowans and Hunters alike. Your comments did not give the golfers a very good imagine either. Not once have you offered an applogy for your insults and degrading remarks. What do you expect ? You offended a group of people and the state of Iowa as a whole. Hunters are tired of being attacked by the peta media loving misinformed and no longer will sit quitely by and allow this bs to go on any longer without a fight. You insult me and I will insult you right back. You still haven't gotten the true measage of what we have been trying to tell you ? You lashed out at a program designed to "help" the golfing community and the community as a whole. The program is set to lower the deer population in urban areas of Iowa. Maybe where you live you have no problem with deer. But here in Iowa we have a huge problem. These deer are not like most deer either. Corn fed deer grow to be above average in size and can do considerable damage if hit on the highways. Many lives have been lost by deer and automobile confrontations.

Still waiting Billy Boy

Al Clark
09/18/05 @ 10:24

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