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Seventy-five years later, Bobby Jones' Grand Slam appears as perfection

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It was 75 years ago this week that Bobby Jones won the U.S. Amateur title, which was the final triumph of a historic Grand-Slam run that saw him take home the U.S. and British amateur championships, and the U.S. and British Opens. "To say it's remark… more »

If Michelle Wie is the new Tiger, will more benefit this time?

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There's a popular bumper sticker in Alaska that reads "Please God, let there be another oil boom, I promise not to piss it away this time." Now the golfing world, which saw a huge opportunity by the name of Tiger Woods fall into their laps, may have a… more »

The Weekend Rules: Golf-cart etiquette

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Golf had to be created as a gentleman's sport with strict rules of conduct and etiquette. If not, it would just be a blood bath out there on the links and scientists would be scurrying to create an antidode for a Big Bertha to the forehead. So, welcom… more »

President's Cup sheds light on a huge hoax

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In a seemly endless array of "Well, they played some good shots today" interviews following the first day of the President's Cup, International captain Gary Player – who is, let's face it, the coolest human to ever trod on this planet – made a commen… more »

Politicos continue to tarnish golf's good name

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Not satisfied with polluting the golf courses of their homeland, members of the U.S. political system have now gone and drug St. Andrews through the mud. News Brief: Bush administration official charged with obstructing federal investigation. So i… more »

A dead David Toms won't help golf a lick

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Less than a week removed from kneeling on the golf course clutching his chest, David Toms has announced that he will hold off on corrective heart surgery so that he can compete for the PGA Tour in the Presidents Cup. David Toms: Championship golfer, g… more »

Words of wisdom from Iowa golfing legend Jack Fleck

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Born in Davenport, the odds had always been stacked against Jack Fleck. After returning from service in World War II, Fleck continued what had been a lackluster golfing career. It all changed in 1955, when Fleck put it all together and stunned the leg… more »

San Antonio golfers to feel the pinch of big government

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The city of San Antonio has thrown down the gauntlet: If you plan on doing something, they plan on taxing you for it. Yesterday, the San Antonio City Council announced their 2006 budget which will include a raise in property tax payments and new fees… more »

Pampered geese the latest sign of Canada's collapse

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When Mike Weir missed the cut at the Bell Canadian Open and Canada as a nation didn't implode into crazed anarchy, I was somewhat red-faced, to say the least. I blame myself for that overeager prediction, which was made immediately after I watched Th… more »

Iowa hunters' secret jihad against golfers: Act before it's too late

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That Iowa still desperately clings to the selling point that John Wayne was born there is really enough to kick them out of the Union, in my opinion. But recently, Iowans everywhere are showing a graphic display of anti-golfer behavior that one wouldn't… more »

Huge golf tee or WMD? Dubai takes a chance to prove that size matters

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In a stunning rebuke to the common theory that only Americans like huge, mostly worthless things (i.e. SUVs, quadruple-bacon-cheeseburgers, Oprah), the Khaleej Times reports that they have created the World's largest tee in Dubai. The tee stands five… more »

If Weir becomes Duval, go ahead and pave the golf courses in Canada

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There's nothing worse than putting additional pressure on a professional athlete. Oh, who am I kidding. There are plenty of things worse than that. Things like death or even a good toe stubbing. So in that case, while doing my normal, exhaustive resea… more »

Take golf out of politics and take politicians out of golf

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After more than a week of hearing golf relentlessly disparaged, I feel it's time someone spoke up. As has been reported everywhere by everyone, President Bush was playing golf while Hurricane Katrina was busy making New Orleans into a giant jacuzzi of… more »

More golfers in Brazil means there still aren't too many

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The Associated Press ran a story awhile back on the recent "startling" growth of golf in Brazil. β€œThe sport has grown at a very fast rate, it is amazing what has been happening,” said Alvaro Almeida, president of the Brazilian Golf Confederation.… more »