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Comment from: jack rosol [Visitor] Email
You are wrong about why they charge for baggage. Correct answer is 'because they can.' Remember the story about why a dog licks himself - because he can!!! When you present a question that starts with "why do they' - at lease 90% of the time the correct answer is 'because they can'.
02/11/09 @ 14:21
Comment from: Kastuwiharja [Visitor] Email
Perfect analogy! You got your way & they got theirs. Salt in the sea and lime on the land meet each other in the same chicken soup - in the right 'dosage'. I think they have their own 'dosage' that - I hope - better than 'because they can'.
03/21/09 @ 01:50
Comment from: Paul [Visitor] Email
We have similar problems this side of the pond with carriers charging for baggage. Up to a couple years ago you could put your golf bag in the hold at no extra cost. Now most UK carriers charge up to 20 pounds each way plus a further cost to put a suitcase in the hold. On the last golf trip I had to Spain back in June the final cost of the return airfare was in effect double the price if I only turned up with a small bag that could go onboard with me in the cabin. May be looking to hire clubs at the resort in future.
07/14/09 @ 04:02

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