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Comment from: Marjorie Taylor [Visitor] Email
No player with less than 10 US PGA Tour wins and this should include two (2 majors) should gain induction into the Golf Hall of Fame. If
Couples gets inducted then so should Mark O'Mearna who has 16 USPGA Tour wins including two majors. He has also played on several Ryder Cup teams and has won several Euro/Int'l events.
01/20/09 @ 18:36
Comment from: Tom Spousta [Visitor] Email
Four majors are a tough criteria, ronmon. I usually go with two majors and -- like Marjorie Taylor says -- a minimum of 10 victories, although I tend to lean toward 15 or 20, depending on the rest of the player's resume. Forget Wikipedia ... for the PGA Tour ballot, tour wins are what matter most. And Marjorie, team golf doesn't register much with me. That's almost like going off the money list and trying to compare eras. Thanks for your comments folks ...
01/26/09 @ 15:42

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