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Comment from: fianchetto [Visitor] Email
People never learn. Sports is a mind game. TW was investing for his future while playing and winning at TP in his condition. Not to mention all the years he has been playing with a semi-bum knee. It is about belief and determination, and harnessing skill and thoroughly enjoying beating the odds. Unlike Ernie who was in decline pre-injury and was scarred by 2004 though writers tend to attribute decline to injury. Besides he has had mini-layoffs and always seems to figure out a way of hitting the ground running bar Winged Foot. Even after Winged Foot, it took one more round at Western Cog Hill. So it is crazy that you think that he will have 6 months rust.

He will be in better condition than he has been.
At Augusta, he has been close the last 3 years T3,T2,2. In his career the longest gap between winning Augusta has been 4 years and for the last 4 years the most consistent performer. And he has time to focus on putting.

TW will win Augusta and Bethpage. I expect TW to win majors every year until 2012.

SG- I think will win Turnberry and I expect become another 3 major winner

PM- there is this myth that he is entitled to win US Open. He is a great player but like Adam Scott he has was scarred last year by the pairing with one legged TW, let alone winged foot. I have always believed he will get his tally to 5 through his career as will Padraig. I think Padraig has the momentum and would run down Phil in a back nine
01/01/09 @ 06:52
Comment from: Joko [Visitor] Email
Woods won't win a major but Phat Phil will? Hahahaha. Obviously crack has replaced cheap whiskey as the intoxicant of choice for hack sports writers.
01/02/09 @ 15:13
Comment from: Brandon [Visitor] Email
I think Mickelson is damaged goods and won't win a major for the rest of his career.

Look out for a breakout year from Rory McIlroy, too.
01/02/09 @ 15:45
Comment from: Brooklyn [Visitor] Email
You still haven't figured it out after all these years and the evidence in plain view? Woods strenghth and biggest asset is the space btwn his ears vs Mickelson, et al. He overcame a torn ACL and stress fractures through strenghth of mind to win the US Open and you offer "rust" as the inhibitor to winning a major? And Mickelson who gave us that brilliant no driver strategy on the longest major venue in history is an odds on favorite to win one. The only thing you've proven...can be a natl golf correspondent!
01/04/09 @ 08:34
Comment from: Brooklyn [Visitor] Email
should read..."anyone can be a natl golf corresp"
01/04/09 @ 08:35
Comment from: JT [Visitor] Email
Ha ha. As we head into the PGA woods doesn't have a major and is unlikely to win the PGA either. Why does he always start slow at the majors? All the comments here are way of the mark and Tom's being proved right!
08/12/09 @ 21:44

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