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This is not the only case. We heard about Ed Sherman, who used to write a delightful blog, bunker mentality but had to part ways with the Chicago Tribune. Then there was the news of Lewine Mair, who worked with the Telegraph for over 20 years, and poof, in 20 minutes that association came to an end. In fact, an article by Alistair Tait points out how no one is really safe in this day and age.

I think the most pertinent point made there is about the travel agent and how in this day and age we are relying more on the concept of ‘citizen journalism’. But it is a difficult thought to fathom. I really cannot imagine the day when there would be no newspapers. For years together we have heard of newspapers coming under threat because of the new media but for some reason there was always a reassuring feeling that calmed us down. But if newspapers like the Los Angeles Times and the New York Times paint a gloomy picture then it would be fair to say we are in deep trouble! I guess in a way, bloggers like us are also part of the blame. People get ready made content so easily off the bat that the newspaper does become a little outdated in that respect.

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Andy Brown
2008-12-11 @ 16:35

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