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Major issues: Tiger Woods will have 'em, Phil Mickelson won't in 2009

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It's finally over. Actually, it was over so long ago, the Fat Lady is hoarse from singing about the woes of 2008. So here's to '09, which I'm optimistically declaring the Year of Redemption only because I hope the last 365 days were as bad as things c… more »

How to pack for trip to Las Vegas golf or resort destination

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Freak snow storms. Crazy cold snaps. Wild winds. A wife, or girlfriend, who hates golf. Oh, and those obnoxious airline baggage fees ... It's enough to make you not want to play, much less haul your clubs to a favorite golf destination. So as I heade… more »

Tiger Woods v. Phil Mickelson: Caddie Steve Williams takes golf rivalry to next level

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Rivalry? What rivalry? In order for one to exist, opponents have to be evenly matched and beat each other's brains out over a period of time. It helps if their records against each other are about the same. Phil Mickelson v. Tiger Woods does not qu… more »

Pine Needles seeks another U.S. Women's Open

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It's never too early to lobby the USGA when it comes to hosting a major championship. If you're Pine Needles Lodge and Golf Club, it should be a matter of simply filling out the paperwork. Kelly Miller, president of Pine Needles and affiliated Mid Pin… more »

Going solo at Pinehurst nets a great golf game

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I wasn't feeling particularly lucky as I approached the starter's house today at Pinehurst's No. 4 course. The way I see it, you've got a better chance of hitting the lottery than being paired with someone fun, interesting and good at golf. That's why… more »

Memo to golf and new media: Carpe Diem!

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Stop the presses! No, really. Stop the presses. Got a call from a friend at the Rocky Mountain News this weekend and heard the tale of another dying newspaper, only with a twist on that time-worn phrase shouted by a journalist breaking a huge story… more »

Lymphoma Association's eBay charity auction includes Dubai pro am spot with Sergio Garcia

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In a perfect world, prizes in a golf charity auction should not be the reason you donate. Ditto for the menu, although a fine filet mignon and a crisply glazed crème brule certainly has a knack for getting the party started. So let's face it: the bet… more »

Dimples: The final frontier of golf (ball) technology?

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Forget titanium and graphite and cavity-back irons and square-headed drivers. Just when you thought golf technology had hit a speed bump comes word that future advancement lies in ... dimples? As in dimple patterns on a golf ball, designs of which app… more »