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Honest J.P. Hayes deserves kudos (and a little kidding)

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Can you imagine the temptation? Here was J.P. Hayes, cruising along on his way to the finals of qualifying school, en route to securing a full-time spot on the PGA Tour, and all he had to do was ignore his conscience. Heck, he'd already assessed himse… more »

Custom cart available for disabled golfers at Mangrove Bay and Cypress Links in St. Petersburg, Fla.

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Garages and closets are full of all sorts of useless golf gadgets. At some point, they might have helped slice the ball a little less or slow your swing speed down to, say, 199 mph. Like kids with new toys, we play and tinker with them and hope (mostly h… more »

Talking golf instruction with Jay Overton of Innisbrook Resort and Golf Club

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I had the pleasure of lunch today with Jay Overton, the host professional at Innisbrook Resort and Golf Club in Palm Harbor, Fla., and one of the country's most decorated teaching pros. He's been at Innisbrook for 30 years, and as you might imagine, he h… more »

No offseason in golf? There is if you're nursing an injury

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If an Olympic skier had to break a leg, I suppose he'd rather do it on the last run before the snow melts. Plenty of time to mend before the powder falls again. B.J. Upton, star center fielder for the Tampa Bay Rays, waited until after the World Serie… more »

Is it too late for John Daly?

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Man, what a way to start the sports pages the other day. Coffee, donut and another police mug shot of John Daly. Grim. Rock bottom. Shoulda figured the next time we saw Daly would be up against a precinct wall. Not that Daly set the bar very high.… more »

Golf confessions (and more): By Tom Spousta

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I got a confession to make. It wasn't until circa 1990 that I actually owned a set of golf clubs after moving to Sarasota, Fla. I started covering the game about that time, too, and went on to work for USA Today and write for the New York Times and ha… more »