Why is golf instruction on sale?

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Have you ever had a bad experience taking a golf lesson? Well join the club! I don't think there's a golfer out there that hasn't had a golf lesson that frustrated them. Meaning, there are golfers who have given-up hope of getting help for their game bec… more »

The 3 biggest mistakes a golfer can make

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What are the Top 3 mistakes Golfers make when they’re looking to find someone to help them with their Golf Game? The number three mistake is being in too much of a hurry to improve. Many Golfers want to improve 15 strokes overnight, and that may no… more »

How did you learn to play golf?

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Did you learn how to play golf using a Results Based Approach or a Theories & Assumptions Based Approach? What’s a Theories & Assumptions Based Approach? Well, when you learned how to play golf, you most likely learned to play from a friend,… more »

5 Reasons You're Not Playing As Well As You Want To

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Number One - Perfection. Most Golfers would deny it, but we're all trying to be perfect out on the golf course. You may say - 'I know I can't hit every shot perfect'. But how many times have you hit an OK shot onto the green from 125 yards away and gr… more »

The pro who declines placement in Golf Magazine's Top-100 list

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Dear Golf Magazine, Thank you for the letter you sent me about induction onto your Top-100 Instructor list. Though please accept this letter as my refusal to be viewed as a Top-100 Instructor. To just about every Golf Professional in the world, it wou… more »

Quotes that make me cringe on the golf course

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Here are some quotes that make me cringe on the golf course: I picked up my head - (It doesn't happen). You need to swing slow to hit the ball far (OK, then why does Tiger Woods hit the ball farther than you - because he swings slower?). The fol… more »

Are you a Monkey on the golf course?

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What's a Monkey? A Monkey is a frustrated golfer that continues to get more frustrated every time they step on the golf course. So in desperation they listen to the tips presented to them from their playing partners – "You're lifting your head" – "Y… more »