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Comment from: Craig Green [Visitor]
Nice tips for encouraging golfers,Good one!
09/01/09 @ 05:20
Comment from: Timmy [Visitor] Email
Absolutely correct! If everybody worked on their flaws just think of how many golfer would actually improve their score instead of just bemoaning the fact they can't lower their handicap.
09/01/09 @ 08:05
Comment from: Parshooters [Visitor] Email
I believe the only way to improve your golf swing is spending sometime on the practice range.
Practice dos'nt make perfect it makes permanent in grooving a swing. If you have any bad swing flaws it compounds it into mishitting shots all over the golf course.
When practicing you should work on one part of your game and stay with it until you do have confidence in your ability. Working with swing trainer aids can be helpful in improving your swing.
10/30/09 @ 11:45
many people think the game is very simple, but many of them don't know how the game is.thanks for your article.The article is very helpful for me in making necessary steps one by one to gain the master piece.
01/19/10 @ 22:18
Comment from: vibram five fingers [Visitor] Email
08/23/10 @ 20:52

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