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Comment from: MM [Visitor]
"I told her about “Tick Tock”. I then told her that if she was going to be successful using “Tick Tock”" Erm, talk about being a hypocrite. You just gave a complete stranger, unsolicited advice too!! And so you know, iteach is TGM qualified, been at schools with Andy Plummer and Mike Bennett. What are your qualifications Mr Solomon? And so you know, if Tiger did S&T, he would have a slower rate of closure and wouldn't be shifting his baseline so much because of excessive forearm rotation, loss of pressure points and would avoid blocks, hooks, slices and chunks. But i guess you already knew that? Thanks MM
07/17/09 @ 21:04
Comment from: Rock [Visitor]
wow, you are a hypocrite. you blast this "iteachgolf" guy for giving unsolicited advice yet you do the same thing to some woman in the airport (probably a made-up story).
besides, by the way Tiger is playing, I think "iTeachGolf" is really onto something
07/17/09 @ 21:38
Comment from: Jack [Visitor]
looks like the only people who have read this are the people over at golfwrx, lol.
Solomon, you're an idiot
07/17/09 @ 23:10
Comment from: FAIL [Visitor] Email
Way to go Mr. Solomon. Open your trap on Tiger playing great, and then everything iteachgolf says becomes blatantly obvious. On top of all that, you break your own advice by giving a tip to some stranger.
07/17/09 @ 23:12
Comment from: MarcSolomonisascheister [Visitor] Email
Wow...nice effort sure glad that lady took advice from a stranger...wait she wasn't supposed to do that. I'm confused, should we listen to strangers with golf advice or not?

BTW since Toger started changing his swing away from the swing of 1997-2001 he has dropped an average of 10% in Fairways hit, he has also dropped over 9% average in greens hit.

Being the best golfer doesn't mean you have the best golf swing. It means you post the best scores consistently.

The next time you criticize somebody for pointing out something that even a blind monkey can see (viz. Tigers swing has become less consistent as he has moved towards a timing based golf swing), feel free to man up and apologize when the numbers show you to be an idiot.
07/18/09 @ 00:26
Comment from: tick tock [Visitor] Email
Mr Soloman it appears the clock is ticking for you to open mouth and insert foot. Tick tock.
07/18/09 @ 00:30
Comment from: Forest Gump [Visitor] Email
Momma Says Stupid is as Stupid does.
07/18/09 @ 01:16
Comment from: JS [Visitor] Email
this "supposed" guru called Iteachgolf calls himself that because he does, in fact, teach golf. We shouldn't listen to him but we should listen to you?
07/18/09 @ 09:37
Comment from: Jamie [Visitor] Email
Hey Mr S,

Nice blod. Tiger is the best golfer... period. Yes,
he is the best athlete on tour. Yes... he shoots to
excel. Yes... he has one of the most dynamic and
powerful swings on tour. And YES... I would take
golf tips from a stranger. Interesting how you slam
it and then give us some good ones to go by.

09/01/09 @ 14:12

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