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I bought some clubs last Xmas and got into golf in the spring and have gone from hacker to around 14hcp. My brother had brought me DK Golf Instruction Manual which is overall good for getting into the game but misses out on the transition. I researched online for some other quality books and have now read Swing like a Pro by Dr Ralph Mann and Dave Pelz Short Game and Putting Bible books (heavy and I advise caffine before reading them, but excellent). I'm still using my mobile phone to video my swing at the range to work on how my swing differs from the books. There is also a golf digest website that has swing sequence videos of a number of pros, the one that suites me is Stewart Appleby who demonstates perfectly that the swing should take a just under a second from takeaway to start of downswing and and further second to finish. Like a sculptor that chisels away everything from the stone that doesn't look like the figure he is making, do the same for your swing, look at everything heals, knees, hips, back, head, shoulders, arms, elbows, wrists, grip, stance, posture and rythm. Choose a pro swing, get it on your mobile and chisel away, one aspect at a time from setup and through to finish. I'm heading for a scratch, how about you?
11/23/06 @ 08:51

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