Too Much Right Side In Your Golf Swing?

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Too Much Right Side In Your Golf Swing?Is Your Right Side Messing You Up? Often times we hear right handed Golfers say that they have a problem of using too much of their right side in their golf swing. Left-handed Golfers – just reverse everything I… more »

Will 2010 Be Your Best Golf Ever?

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Will 2010 Be Your Best Golf Year Ever? Or will it be 'the same old, same old'? Will you allow 2010 to be your best golf year ever? If this is your goal – then I have some suggestions for you: 1. First work on making solid impact with the gol… more »

Golfers Are Funny About Golf Swings!

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Golfers Are Funny About Golf Swings!‘I’m going to try to the Stack and Tilt. I’ve tried the 8 Step Swing, The X Factor, Slow and Low, Square to Square, along with every other new swing that has come out. ‘I’ve tried video analysis, I’ve tr… more »

The Can't Miss Golf Gift Issue!

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The GMS Holiday Gift IssueEach week we write about improving your golf game. This week we’re going to change things up to speak about 4 golf products you might want to look at as a gift for yourself or someone else that will make the overall golf expe… more »

'How To Fix The Cause Of Golf Swing Problems?'

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All I want for Christmas is a …. Golf swing. Imagine if it was as easy as sending a letter to the North Pole. “Santa, all I want is a consistent golf game. I’ve been a good ___ (girl or boy, you fill in the blank). I’ve been nice to the ones a… more »

"The Top 3 Reasons Your Game Isn't Improving!"

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#1 You don’t practice enough Do you need to practice your golf swing in order to improve? This is an often asked, yet excellent question. So to give you an answer, I'd like to use an analogy to make a point about improving your golf swing. If you… more »

"How Many Swing Faults Do You Have?"

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Are you on the quest to hit the golf ball better than you ever have before? To some, this is what golf is all about. And as far as I'm concerned – there’s nothing wrong with having the passion, desire and drive to make golf more enjoyable. Because… more »

A Better Golf Swing Using Simple Improvements

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There’s nothing like the expectation of standing on the tee feeling confident that you’re going to make a nice, smooth golf swing that produces a great drive down the middle of the fairway. Being able to watch the golf ball sail through the air as i… more »

"The Best Way To Practice Your Golf Swing"

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If you're looking to improve your golf game and understand how a Player practices (as opposed to how a struggling Golfer practices) - read the below paragraphs and fill in the blanks as they pertain to your golf game. Then below that section - we'll expl… more »

"The Golden Rules Of The Golf Swing"

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What movement in sport has more to-do’s, along with more not-to-do’s than the golf swing? In the golf swing we have the Golden Rules like: we need to “shift our weight” – yet not “sway”. In the golf swing we need to “cock our wrists” more »

"How Easy Do You Make Your Golf Swing?"

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Here are 9 of the most popular golf swing thoughts that many Golfers have before hitting a golf ball: 1. Keep my head still 2. Left arm straight (right arm for left handed Golfer) 3. Shift my weight 4. Eye on the golf ball 5. Turn my shoulders 6… more »

"Why Not A Consistent Golf Swing On The Golf Course?"

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“Why? Why? Why? – Why did I hit that shot? What was I thinking?!” Have you heard that before? Well … who hasn’t let that pass through their lips after making a big mistake that might leave you with a snowman (an 8) on the scorecard? It… more »

Are You An Unsecure Golfer?

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The building of a golf swing that will allow a Golfer to improve their consistency should be done one step at a time. Unfortunately many Golfers are not willing to accept the one step at a time process – they’re only satisfied when everything “cli… more »

Do You Take Golf Tips From Strangers?

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After the longest hiatus that Golf Improvement Weekly has ever seen (2 months) – we’re back. Just as it maybe a good thing for Golfers to take a break from the game every-once-in-a-while to refresh your brain – GIW needed to do the same. Although G… more »

What Causes Poor Golf Swings?

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"Does Poor Balance Cause Poor Golf Swings?" Would a Golfer with poor balance have a better or worse chance of having a consistent golf swing? The obvious answer seems to be that the Golfer that doesn’t have good balance would have a more inconsis… more »