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In response to: Five golf courses I would love to play this year

huh [Visitor]
Ferry Point is in "the Big Apple". The Big Apple is not just Manhattan - but the 5 boroughs of NYC.
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In response to: Tetherow golf course is David McLay Kidd's central Oregon masterpiece

Michael Morshower [Visitor]
People who are into golf trips will see this as a great way to take advantage of their services. I really do love this golf course and it really really gives a great experience for golfers.
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In response to: Antigua's new collection of golf apparel makes me look like a real player

Sally Summers [Visitor]
Not only should you play like a champion, but you should look the part too!
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In response to: LUMINE Mediterranea Beach & Golf Club is the new draw for golfers visiting Barcelona

Fred Gacou [Visitor]
I have played the Hills course, the day before the clubhouse attached to it was to close down for the next three months. I found the course challenging, and varied, and favored heavily the second nine with very nice green settings with cliff backdrops. The condition of the course was impeccable, even though the greens could have been faster. However, the atmosphere was not there: the service was quite indifferent, and management obviously did not care who played or how, which resulted in an appalling pace of play (5:45 hours for a round, with buggies!!!). The proshops at both Hills and Lakes were emptier of goods than most, especially when it comes to resorts.
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In response to: Golf in Cyprus: A hidden gem in the Mediterranean Sea

Simon [Visitor]
Thanks for your report.
Yes we have have some great Golf courses in Cyprus.
In my opinion Minthis Hills is a great Club and their Restaurant is superb , but the residential area is a long way from being finished , there are some villas there , but it will be a few more years yet. The owners have a 10 year plan for Minthis Hills , but it will be fantastic . The villas start at 1 million.
Aphrodite Hills Golf Resort is superb and definitely the best on Cyprus. It is not just a Golf Resort , it also has the Annabel Croft Tennis Acadomy , superb Spa centre , horse riding center , 5 star hotel and a "village square" with Cafes and Restaurants. The property choice is the best on the island , with apartments starting at 100,000 going up to exclusive villas at multi millions. All property owners get up to 30% discount at all the Resort Facilities.
The course is spread out across the whole resort and winds its way through the residential properties , so a buggy is required. There are beautiful sea views and Aphrodite Hills Resort has a free shuttle bus service to their private beach club.
Aphrodite Hills is just a short drive to the beautiful seaside town of Paphos , with it's lovely harbour and many attractions. There are 4 excellent Golf courses within a 20 minute drive of Paphos and another course currently being built at Polis.
Paphos is the up and coming new exclusive area of Cyprus , the international airport is starting to take over as the main one for the island. There are many more direct flights from Paphos from all parts of the World , as Cyprus is being discovered by Russia , China and many new markets.
If you require details on holiday rentals or property sales , please email me and I will help in anyway I can.
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In response to: Florida's 36-hole Streamsong Resort near Tampa is the new 'Bandon Dunes South'

Tom Shipley [Visitor]
I think they'll starve to death in that part of Florida with those ridiculous green fees.
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In response to: Top U.S. golf course you can play: Pebble Beach or Pacific Dunes?

scott pierce [Visitor]
I have been blessed to played (blessed because I am a nobody public golfer) on tracks like Bethpage Black, (grew up on that one) Sawgrass, Tory Pines..and Pebble , now a few times... No golf courseis worth that koind of money.That being said Pebble is a place where you feel the history.Where you walk on one the Golf Gods great gifts to his followers. As Jack said if you only get to play one more round.. you play it at Pebble Beach.. PS.. for the average decent public golfer # 6 is a spectacular hole.
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In response to: Florida's 36-hole Streamsong Resort near Tampa is the new 'Bandon Dunes South'

ponte vedra real estate [Visitor]
Tremendous place and view..I agree with the fact that the landscape and layout is totally different from all the other Florida courses which makes it a “must play” in book..
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In response to: My favorite golf resort: Bandon Dunes in Oregon

real estate ponte vedra [Visitor]
Pacific Dunes has always been my favorite..It looks great..Golf resort looks beautiful as there is greenery all over..The unorthodox back nine boasts two par 4s, three par 5s and four par 3s.
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In response to: Best of 2012: My golf year in review

ponte vedra beach club [Visitor]
Playing golf is fun if you enjoys it fully and it best...That's great that you was fortunate to have had a lot of memorable golf experiences this year...
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In response to: Florida's 36-hole Streamsong Resort near Tampa is the new 'Bandon Dunes South'

florida beach clubs [Visitor]
Well the landscape and layout is totally different from all the other Florida courses which makes it a “must play” in my book..Even I believe the same..
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In response to: My home club: Galloway National Golf Club in New Jersey

Al Hechler [Visitor]
I cannot agree with you more. My wife and I joined the club this year too. We are from New York and have a shore home in NJ. We were looking for a private club we could play that had the same characteristics you described. Galloway, we find, is that club.
Everyone there is friendly, helpful, and make it a pleasure to be there. The course as you describe is golfer friendly, yet challenging. The layout is exciting with beautiful backdrops, and the conditions are suburb.
Thankfully we don't have to travel as far as you do to play.
All the best
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In response to: My home club: Galloway National Golf Club in New Jersey

ponte vedra golf course [Visitor]
That's really great if you fortunate enough to play a number of the best and most exclusive clubs in the country...It's a good thing.The immaculate course conditioning and the casual and friendly atmosphere.
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