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What's ahead for Tiger Woods in 2013?

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People (even non-golfers) constantly ask me about Tiger Woods and his state of the game. Will he be the player again he once was? Here are my observations and predictions. While I’m not an expert on the golf swing (and I never claim to be), I don’t… more »

Top U.S. golf course you can play: Pebble Beach or Pacific Dunes?

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Pacific Dunes (part of the Bandon Dunes Resort in Oregon) again edged out Pebble Beach Golf Links as premier public-access course in the USA in the biannual "Top 100 You can play" ranking published by Golf Magazine. Both courses are arguably the top 2 t… more »

Florida's 36-hole Streamsong Resort near Tampa is the new 'Bandon Dunes South'

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Since I received a Christmas card from Tom Doak two years ago that had a picture of one of the green sites at Streamsong on it, I simply could not wait to see that place. Streamsong is set to officially open on December 21, 2012. I was very fortunate to pla… more »

My home club: Galloway National Golf Club in New Jersey

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For over a decade I have been on a "mission" to play the top 100 golf courses of the U.S. and the world (I have played about 50 so far). On my trips to the U.S. (on average four per year during the last seven years) I was fortunate to play a number of t… more »

Best of 2012: My golf year in review

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Best golf course played I was VERY fortunate I got to play a number of outstanding courses so it was a very good year for me. I must have played about 20 courses that are ranked in the "Top 100" of the world so it's impossible for me to come up with… more »

My favorite golf resort: Bandon Dunes in Oregon

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As far as "golf-only" is concerned, I consider Pebble Beach and Bandon Dunes to be above all other resorts I have ever visited (no offense to Pinehurst, Kiawah Island and the American Club. If I had to choose one of the two, my pick would be Bandon Dune… more »

My favorite opening holes in golf

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I usually read a lot more about finishing holes than I do about opening holes. Thus, it seems to me that the design of the first hole seems to be somewhat underrated. Quite frankly, I consider many great and famous courses (Pebble Beach, Muirfield, Pine… more »

27-hole Estonia Golf and Country Club near Tallinn the country's top draw

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Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia, was the European Capital of Culture in 2011, and it's a country with a little bit of golf, too. Tallinn, with a population of about 400,000 (Estonia’s total population is 1.32 million), boasts the historic Old T… more »

My favorite golf course? Quite possibly Sand Hills Golf Club in Nebraska

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The questions I am asked most often and regularly are: "What is the best golf course you ever played?" And "Which one is your favorite?" I am reluctant to just name one golf course as I think it would be unfair to all other great golf courses I… more »

Golf in my home country of Austria

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No matter where my travels take me, people always ask me about golf in my home country. I always answer (as honest and as unbiased as I can) that Austria has fine golf courses but if you visit the country just to play golf, then you missed the point. Au… more »

Must-play golf in Phoenix-Scottsdale: My favorite courses in the Sonoran Desert

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I have been visiting the Phoenix-Scottsdale area every year for the last seven years, I must have played at least 40 different courses there. The region is generally considered to be one of the best golf destinations in the world, and for good reason. B… more »
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