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New lodge at Florida's Streamsong Resort set to open in January 2014

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Streamsong Resort in central Florida, officially opened less than a year ago, has become an instant classic and has already collected numerous awards and prizes. I was blown away by the experience the first time I set foot on the property (see "Florida'… more »

Nuun electrolyte hydration tabs can help energize your golf game

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This year I was looking to play the best golf of my life so I tried to improve in each and every aspect. One thing I was looking for was better nutrition, especially during the round. So in addition to eating nuts, almonds and bananas and drinking plent… more »

Antigua's new collection of golf apparel makes me look like a real player

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While I'm not a great golfer, at least I want to look like a real player. So I spoiled myself with a few Antigua polos. Antigua's Spring '14 Performance 72 Golf Collection for men is replete with 17 shirt models, 12 outerwear tops, two shorts and seven… more »
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