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Golf in Cyprus: A hidden gem in the Mediterranean Sea

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The Mediterranean island of Cyprus can best be described as a secret as far as being a golf destination is concerned. Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, it is divided by the Republic of Cyprus (which makes up roughly two thirds… more »

What's ahead for Tiger Woods in 2013?

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People (even non-golfers) constantly ask me about Tiger Woods and his state of the game. Will he be the player again he once was? Here are my observations and predictions. While I’m not an expert on the golf swing (and I never claim to be), I don’t… more »

Top U.S. golf course you can play: Pebble Beach or Pacific Dunes?

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Pacific Dunes (part of the Bandon Dunes Resort in Oregon) again edged out Pebble Beach Golf Links as premier public-access course in the USA in the biannual "Top 100 You can play" ranking published by Golf Magazine. Both courses are arguably the top 2 t… more »
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