Move Rick Reilly's "Shanks for Nothing" golf book to the top of your reading list

"When I really wanted someone to look at my swing, I always asked a blind guy." -Shanks for Nothing, page 46 Rick Reilly, Sport Illustrated writer and recipient of the National Sportswriter of the year ten separate times recently released Shanks f… more »

Rule 26-1: My own ignorance has been my worst enemy

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This weekend while playing with my brother, we had an often-debated rule show its ugly face again. Over the past year, this question has arisen on two or three occasions and we have never taken the time to check the official rules. On three separate inst… more »

The Titleist Pro VI and the Callaway HX Tour face off in equipment review for high handicapper

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I enjoyed experimenting with different balls more than any of the aforementioned products, possibly because I decided that I would test each ball mentioned below over the course of a full round, as players need to hit all types of shots to figure which b… more »

After Seahawks' Super Bowl loss, it's clear that Mike Holmgren is a golfer

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On Monday after the Seahawks lost the Super Bowl, the team gathered at Qwest Field to thank the fans and to celebrate a truly great season. In the weeks leading up to the game, most people seemed to believe that the Seahawks didn't stand a chance against… more »

There's no crying on the golf course!

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This morning when I was watching Golf Central over a bowl of cereal, they showed a statistic claiming that men are 18 times more likely than women to break a golf club on the course, while women are 19 times more likely to cry. (This is the same study th… more »

Equipment review continued: today's newest and hottest irons

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The next stage of my ongoing equipment review for the high-handicap player brings me to irons, which have undergone considerable changes-even more drastic than the ball or driver-over the last 2 to 3 years. While cavity-back irons used to be the norm for… more »

Tiger's length no longer a headline after Buick Invitational win

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Everyone is still amazed by Tiger's length, but on Sunday at the Buick Invitational he proved once again that his length is not why he is the best player in the world. After he struggled through a mediocre round (for him) on an exceptionally difficult c… more »

PGA Merchandise show prompts equipment review for the high handicapper

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Working part time as a caddie has given me hours and hours to think about golf. I might think about my ball flight and which golf ball will give me the best results. After about 10 minutes of internal conversation and argument (I have a serious problem-… more »

If you are reading these blogs, you already know the secret of golf

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Kiel Christianson gives a great perspective on this topic, and Ron Mon's comments about Christianson's blog are right on as well. This is something I wrote last summer when Golf Digest addressed "the secret of golf." The word “secret” implies t… more »

Famed Ocean Course at Kiawah already more than the top players can handle for 2012 PGA Championship

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And the PGA Championship isn’t even held there for another six years. That’s six years for holes to be lengthened, layouts to be changed, greens to be altered, and the course to be made as difficult as the PGA wants to make it. Today, the gold… more »

Regardless of leaderboard, Hope Chrysler Classic very worth watching this weekend

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The Hope can seem like one of those events on the PGA tour that isn’t worth the time of day, but I’m beginning to appreciate it for the first time. It’s five rounds, which has no downside, the weather is so nice that it puts me in a good mood just… more »

Good News - Vijay Singh not in Bob Hope Chrysler Classic field

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I'm glad Vijay isn't in the field this week at the Bob Hope. During almost every golf tournament in which Vijay Singh plays, the T.V. audience is forced to hear the same rambling about his stringent practice routine. "Well, David," says the typical comme… more »

Michelle Wie: Don't let the hype get in the way of the facts

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Michelle Wie did not perform well in the Sony Open. Now, instead of being the big talk of the tour, it seems she has become the biggest disappointment in professional golf. Instead of seeing stories about her unbelievable physical skill and her uncanny… more »

Review: Joseph Parent's "Zen Golf," a great book for golfers looking for tips

Lose the "Momentus," put down the copy of "The Eight Step Swing" by Jim McLean, and take some time to read Joseph Parent's "Zen Golf." After years as a mediocre player with a hot temper, I was finally ready to give up the game altogether. I was coerc… more »

Golf press conferences and bad lies: The art of the obvious

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Is there anything worse than golf commentary or golf press conferences? For example, when reporters ask questions hoping for an enlightening response: "Vijay, what do you hope to do in tomorrow’s round that will give you an edge." The player typ… more »

Hacking the muni at Bobby Jones Golf Club in Atlanta

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A beautiful characteristic about golf is how many varieties of the game one is able to find. Baseball is baseball, football is football-the two games themselves don’t change that much. But go to a prestigious country club on a Saturday morning and then… more »