Move Rick Reilly's "Shanks for Nothing" golf book to the top of your reading list

"When I really wanted someone to look at my swing, I always asked a blind guy." -Shanks for Nothing, page 46 Rick Reilly, Sport Illustrated writer and recipient of the National Sportswriter of the year ten separate times recently released Shanks f… more »

Why I love golf- Preparing to play the Ocean Course and Harbour Town

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Today is a great day. It doesn't involve playing any golf, but it is almost as good. It is the day before I am to begin a weekend of great golf that will include a round at Kiawah's Ocean Course (followed by an employee golf day event that will feature b… more »

Addition of Darren Clarke to Ryder Cup not only good for team Europe, but also for golf

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It is now official- Darren Clarke will play in the Ryder Cup later this month at the K Club. I have always been a fan of Clarke's, and I forsee him being a tough point in the matches. If I were a gambling man , it would be hard for me to bet against… more »

Vijay Singh next victim as Tiger grabs lead at the Deutsche Bank

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Tiger Woods is currently -6 on the day at the Deutsche Bank, and has left Vijay Singh in his wake with a front nine 30. Singh, the only player not named Tiger to be ranked number one in the world in God knows how long, has got to be hating life right no… more »

Ohio State vs. Texas or a round at Pebble Beach?

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Today, September 2nd, is the first official day of what always turns out to be a very difficult stretch in my year. Just as the weather in the South is becoming perfect for golf, college football begins, leaving me with roughly fifteen Saturdays on which… more »

Kiawah Island Golf Resort earns high honors from Travel and Leisure Golf

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In the September Issue of Travel and Leisure Golf, Kiawah Island Golf Resort was named the top U.S. Golf Resort, coming in ahead of Pebble Beach and Pinehurst. Kiawah also dominated the Southeast rankings, claiming first place in each of the followin… more »

The next Tiger Woods at the range in Charleston (if his father has anything to say about it)

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I had a chance to hit some balls this morning before work, and I witnessed something very disturbing at the range. From the parking lot, I saw a young father teaching his son- who couldn't have been more than 5- how to swing a golf club. From a distance… more »

Tiger Woods wins: I should have listened to the "experts"

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Mysteriously, a reader who called himself Andrew Durfresne posted an obscure request in my last post. "Mr. Hux," this reader pleads, "I noticed that you have not posted PGA Championship predictions from that Beardzilla chap. I found his foresight at the… more »

Contrary to popular belief, Mickelson is lucky to be playing in the Tiger Woods era

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As expected, Tiger and Phil playing together in the first two rounds of the PGA is getting a great deal of attention. We are all familiar with the idea that Phil is unfortunate to be playing during the same time as Tiger Woods; I've heard this statement… more »

The Stableford scoring system can add some fun to your weekend round

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A few years back I was playing golf at Cherokee Run, a Palmer design about twenty miles outside of Atlanta, and I got paired up with some Australian's who were in the area for the Masters. There were seven of them, and as I was at the course alone (I was… more »

Michelle Wie fires her caddie- I won't be applying

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According to a report on, Michelle Wie has fired her caddie Greg Johnston, who has been on her bag since her first day as a professional. Not that anyone will be beating down my door to try to offer me this position, but you couldn't pay me enou… more »

Augusta, PGA Championship, or U.S. Open- The race to 8,000 has no winners

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It's a good thing the Guinness Book of World Records is updated frequently, otherwise readers would be mislead by gross inaccuracies when they came to the "Longest Golf Course in Major Championship History" section. Medinah, host of this year's PGA Champ… more »

"Bomb and Gouge" is out of control- Pavin shoots 26

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Enough is enough. I've been somewhat of a fence sitter on the distance issue in golf, maybe leaning slightly in favor of controlling the distance of the ball rather than shredding great golf courses. But now, my mind is made up. We've got to do something… more » publishes the worst reaction to Open Sunday that can be found

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If you're interested in reading one of the worst pieces of garbage written about the British Open, look no further. I'm not sure if I sense a bit of bitterness in ESPN's "resident Brit's" tone, but whatever it is, he needs to come up with a few better… more »

The British Open- How The Beatles' predictions from 40 years ago came true this weekend

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With the British Open at Royal Liverpool, it is difficult to ignore the fact that The Beatles began their legendary careers in the same area. In fact, the last time the championship was held at Hoylake, the Beatles were at the peak of their popularity. A… more »

The Charleston City "Muni"- What I learned from the local skins game

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Golf, in the immortal words of Mrs. Gump, "is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get." Once again, I picked up an interesting and helpful fact about my game in the strangest of places- the Charleston City Municipal Golf Co… more »