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Comment from: Kiel Christianson [Visitor] Email
Spot on, Spence! I've written many an article and blog about when, why, and for whom hybrids might be the answer, but might not be for others. I now carry a set with a hybrid 3- and 4-iron, even though my 3- and 4-irons used to be my favorite clubs. The irons are the TPS by PowerBilt, which I'm reviewing. I like them from the middle of the fairway on windless days. One big drawback is punching out from the trees (where I often find myself on certain days).
Long irons are perfect for these shots, but the deeper center of gravity on hybrids makes the ball rise too quickly up into branches.
10/12/06 @ 10:53
Comment from: Eric Levin [Visitor] Email
You didn't try the McGregor MacTec hybrid. Maybe it would change your mind, maybe not. But I love mine. 23 degrees. Can control it for anywhere from 175 to 200 yard hits from fairway, with a nice high trajectory. Mishits tend to fly low but straight, which I can live with most of the time. Also good for escapes from rough if ball is sitting up. Easy to hit, feels great. Agree with Kiel re punch outs from under trees--that's why I still carry my 4 iron.
10/13/06 @ 12:23
Comment from: Bill Warner [Visitor] Email
As a custom clubfitter and PGA teaching professional I have found that the hybrid has made a huge difference for 99% of my students and customers, but only when they understand that the club is not a wood but is a iron replacement! Most people instinctivly place the ball forward in their stance as they would hitting a fairway metal instead of hitting down in the center of the stance like an iron.
I also find that the people who are most resistant to hybrids are the low handicap amateur golfers that have never hit a 2 iron and a 2 replacement hybrid next to each other on the range.
As to hitting out of the trees or a knockdown, same as an iron, back in the stance, hands finish low on the follow though.
10/13/06 @ 14:49
Comment from: RonMon [Visitor] Email
If you can't replicate all your original shots with the replacement club, don't make the switch. For many of us, the visualization of new equipment and what it's supposed to do is outside our realm. I find that kids with bomber drivers ignore where they're SUPPOSED to hit the ball, and instead aim where they WANT to hit the ball, carrying trees, hazards, and small, island nations. Same holds true for the hybrids. As this is the first generation that has the new breed of hybrid clubs, it is establishing parameters for acceptance and rejection, for shot selection, and other elements of hybrid incorporation. Now, what does that all mean again?
10/15/06 @ 23:38
Comment from: jordan 3 sale [Visitor]
A sound mind in a sound body.A still tongue makes a wise head.
12/28/10 @ 16:55

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