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Comment from: Ellis Boyd Redding [Visitor] Email
Mr. Hux,
A fine column you have sir... a fine column indeed. But to be frank, I dont particularly care about your silly lil lost clubs or the scalawag who stole them, but what does get my goat is that there was not a single mention of that Beardzilla chap in your article about the Ryder Cup. Indubitably, he predicted the winner and you refused to publish his predictions. Does his golf predicting prowess intimidate you? Does his knowledge of the game and complete grasp of the golf psyche shiver your timbers? Or are you just a fraidy-cat? I imagine it is a little bit of all of the above. It just disappoints me, thats all. You have promise kiddo, but when you mess with the bull (Beardzilla), you can only expect the horns (a swift boot to the rump!). I expect more from you Hux. And you let me down. SHAME!
09/28/06 @ 14:31

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