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Comment from: Merrin [Visitor]
Im really hoping " Vigay" (4th line) is just a typo and not some lame shot @ Singh just because he got outplayed by probably the greatest golfer of the generation.

Please, the man shot an ungodly 61 yesterday in HORRID conditions on a course that played exceptionally tough. He also manged to shoot a 68 today, which when you compare to how the course has played the past 4 days, is MUCH better than average. Check out the rest of the non- TIger/Singh scores....Singh didnt fold at all. In fact he plays Tiger better down the stretch than anyone else I think.
How do you survive 2 birdies & 2 eagles in something like an hour and a half? that's not normal. Vijay's been trying to get his game back, and he had a VERY good weekend..
Tiger won because he's incredible right now, not because everyone else sucked. That just cheapens their effort & his dominance.
09/04/06 @ 19:45
Comment from: Spencer Hux [Visitor]
I apologize-

The 4th line mistake was DEFINTELY a typo.

That being said- you surived 2 birdies and 2 eagles (especially when you're spotted three shots) by following up your 61 with something better than a 68- especially when you're playing with Tiger. I didn't say everyone sucked, I just haven't seen anyone bring their best game against Tiger on a Sunday in a long time, which is what he always seems to do.
09/04/06 @ 20:20
Comment from: Merrin [Visitor]
But how plausible is it to shoot the round of a lifetime 61, then return very next day & do it again? That wasnt going to happen. That never happens. I think Vijay played well enough to win, but got outplayed very early by someone who showed a superhuman effort. I just dont think he was mediocre on Sunday nor intimdated by Tiger.

Thing is-when Tiger has his A game, I dont believe there is a player on tour that can beat him consistently. Even if, as you say, they bring their best game. And by the way, I think Vijay brought the best effort he could the day after shooting a 61. I also think Cink brought his as well. It just wasnt good enough.
09/05/06 @ 23:24
Comment from: Spencer Hux [Visitor]
I don't thing it is plausible to shoot 61-61 either, but the course wasn't playing all that tough, so it really was probably a par of about 68.

Also, when I wrote the above piece Vijay was in the midst of making a ton of pars without doing anything to put pressure on Tiger, so that's what brought on most of my comments.

That being said- if Tiger has his A game, there isn't anyone who can beat him. It's just rare to see other players have a great day when paired with him. They usually play well, which isn't good enough.
09/06/06 @ 10:30

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