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Comment from: Judge Smails [Visitor]
I couldn't agree with you more, and I'll tell you something about Leadbetter. I know a golf professional who used to play the tour in the early 90s. Well, he told me that the guys on tour used to say, "If you're not playing well, see Leadbetter . . . and you'll get worse!" The pro said that they used to call Leadbetter "Lead-poisoning."

I used to teach tennis full time, and when I was quite a young man I learned of the perils of burdening students will too much technical information. You see, when you think too much, paralysis by analysis can result.

Leadbetter is as amateurish as instructors come; he knows all about the form but nothing about how people perform. He knows nothing about teaching.
07/09/06 @ 12:57
Comment from: One-Putt [Visitor]
Maybe you haven't noticed, but Michelle believes in payback for people who helped her along the way.

Ledbetter coached her for free after the 2003 Sony Open and she hired him after she turned Pro.

She played at the Sony Open because that is what it says on her bag and she was invited to play again.

Ko Olina allowed her access to their golf course and she turned down a chance to play at the course where she nearly won the SBS at Turtle Bay (and did win her US Open qualifier) to play in the Fields Open for her old friends at Ko Olina.

The Hawaii Golf Association who supported Michelle with grants so she could play in Mainland events recently was presented with a check from her for $50,000.

She will play in the Deere this week out of loyalty to the folks that sponsored her last year. It is a fact she has recieved many invites to other more high profile venues.

She will play at the 84 Lumber out of respect for the Hardy's who opened their golf course to her to practice on over the years. She already donated $250,000 to local hospitals with Maggie Hardy.

She will play the Omega Masters for the folks that she represents at Omega.

She will play in the Casio this year because they invited her last year.

One would have to admit that Michelle has not forgotten those who gave her a hand up along the way Spencer.

Next season Michelle's schedule may look quite different from what it was this year and then again maybe not. She obviously believes in loyalty which is almost a forgotten quality in todays world.
07/09/06 @ 15:24
Comment from: Spencer Hux [Visitor]
I don't have a problem with Michelle Wie. In fact, I always give her a break because I use to teach high school and I don't expect her to act at all like an adult. In my opinion, she's doing a good job of handling everything and of playing at a high level. My quoting Dave Marrandette was to illustrate my thoughts on Leadbetter, not Michelle Wie.

Personally, I don't really like the way Leadbetter presents himself on television, and I"m not sure if I would take free advice from him even if he offered.
07/09/06 @ 18:02
Comment from: Brad Moore [Visitor]
You couldn't be more right on with this blog. I don't even read Golf Digest or any of the other golf magazines because all you get out of them is material for people who play atleast four or five times a week and seriously analyze their swing. Now I understand that this is Golf Digest's and Leadbetter's target market, but amateurs such as myself who don't get to play that often should stay as far away from this stuff as humanly possible. Everytime I've tried to take a tip and do something different with my swing, almost without exception I've gotten worse. There's something to the "grip it and rip it" theory.
07/09/06 @ 21:35
Comment from: Dave Marrandette [Visitor]
Spencer: Good job! Right on spot! Golf instruction needs to be concise and simple. That's what made Penick so good.

One-Putt: The only reason Spencer mentioned Wie was as a reference to a comment I had made on another blog. It had nothing to do with who Leadbelly teaches. Stick to the damn point!
07/10/06 @ 09:09
Comment from: Bill [Visitor]
Leadbetter machines can't be beat.

Then when they go off track, they disappear.

When M.W. was 12 I got to see her up close and personal at the PGA Junior Championship in Ohio. Of course, she did not win this, nor did she ever return to try it again. This is one of her "wins in her mind".

Back to M.W.'s swing...it was gorgeous. Now it looks leaned forward at address, and out of balance throughout...to a finish that looks like an Oak about to fall forward.

Bet Leadbetter also teaches read your own putts, forget the fact you are paying someone to help you out...

Remember being out in California a few years ago and I met and played with a gentlemen who had the Leadbetter School come to an outing and do a hands on clinic with the host company. All employees were "urged to participate, regardless of ability". The guy said "they were the most arrogant bastards he had ever been around and they screwed up his swing for about 6 months".... the guy was a 3 handicap.

Tired of Leadbetter and Wie...
07/13/06 @ 10:21
Comment from: Joe Cool [Visitor]
Thanks for mentioning Michelle's charitable ways. This is a fact that is rarely mentioned in the news or on these blogs. She has not been a pro golfer one year, yet she has given more money to charities than the entire LPGA touring ladies.
07/24/06 @ 13:50
Comment from: Thom Stevens [Visitor]
I think that article about the regression of the golf swing is off base. The author is slagging on pro golf teachers because they could not either understand and/or apply the concepts in said videos, DVD's, or televised instruction. The "average" golfer as he stated wants the grip and rip method which implies that he does not want to put no more time than he has too into practicing. This guy wants a quick fix and does not want to practice at his game....well...you sure won't get any better. Most golfers that are series about improving their games appreciate these more advanced instructional vidoes. Yes, they are kinda long winded but if you truly want to understand the basic elements of the swing then you need them. Everybody wants to play great but don't want to put the time and effort into the swing. These are the hacks that fill up the courses that slow play down because you depend on your grip and rip method.
07/31/06 @ 13:42
Comment from: Denunzio [Visitor]
Spencer, I think you are definitely on the right track with regard to Leadbetter and a lot of the other "method teachers" out there. What people don't realize is that golf instruction is such a profitable business nowadays and with that said, everyone needs to have a niche in the market. These guys are selling a method in which you can mimic in order to find the "perfect swing". Well, as we all know, there is no one perfect swing. I can tell you this by looking at hours of video of the best golfers in the world and observing that not one of them has the same swing. Everyone is built differently with different physical make-ups that prohibit this. I think people need to realize that one man and one method is not going to get rid of their horrific slice or over the top cast that 99% of the amateurs do. I think people need to realize that fundamentals are named that for a reason and in order to play golf, you need to implement them into their golf games. Jim McLean is a great example of a teacher who understands this. But, I don't want to bash Leadbetter. I think that everything stems with the overall goal of making money and with so many instructors trying to get a piece of the "golf pie", you almost need to have some sort of method these days. It's the public's job to realize that Leadbetter and other method teachers are doing this and to not buy into this as the "answer". Just look at it this way, what top ten player on the tour actually swings like the Leadbetters, Hardy's, etc. NONE OF THEM!
09/13/06 @ 15:52
Comment from: William [Visitor] Email
How to Easily Fix a Slice in the Golf Swing

Typically the first thing people do when they start slicing the ball is to aim further left and turn the club face in, this may provide a temporary fix that allows a slice to stay in the fairway. However, this actually exaggerates the slice. We are taught that our aim is based upon the position of our feet and this is true if our swing does not have a slice or draw. Opening the stances actually cranks the shoulders out to the right, which is why this exaggerates the slice.
So how to fix this problem, well the easiest way to fix this problem is actually to close the stance down, aim more to the right. Sounds crazy, perhaps, but what we are seeking to do is bring the shoulders through squared up and aiming down the center of the fairway. Start by lining your feet up aiming straight down the fairway, now move the front foot in two to three inches towards the ball and move both feet back two to three inches. This will square the shoulders up and provide solid square contact as you follow through the ball.
Now it is time to go to the range and try it out, this is probably the easiest way to fix a slice, now if you start drawing the ball at the range it just means that there has been an over adjustment and then just use the same techniques as above except in the opposite directions.
09/25/06 @ 19:52
Comment from: Barry [Visitor] Email
I think this is exactly the blog I was looking for because it shares my opinion of David Leadbetter's instruction. He takes a great natural talent like Michelle Wie and his method is to make the swing into a contrived forced action that is obviously confusing her and it may hurt her development. I say drop Leadbetter Michelle.
11/24/06 @ 13:04
Comment from: wil elliott [Visitor] Email
Don't forget you guys what he did with faldo....just bought leadbetters latest DVD set....playing off 3 now down to 2 with some simple bits of advice from him....he is one of the best teachers around in my book.
07/16/07 @ 06:43
Comment from: Golfgal [Visitor] Email
Can't disagree with this. I was one of those who
bought the swing setter and it's in my closest,
never to come out again. I can't get it to work
for or against me!

And although I must admit to buying Golf Digest
and watching the Golf Channel, everytime I read
the swing tips, I remember my golf pro telling me
that The Golf Channel is good for her business.
Everytime a student tries something after reading
a golf magazine or watching the golf channel, they
come running back to her to repair the damage - haha.

As for Michelle Wie...one of the saddest stories in
sport if you ask me - such potential being abused,
exploited and wasted by those who should care and
comfort her.

AKA Chix with Stix
10/26/07 @ 17:27
Comment from: marc sabater [Visitor] Email
hello my name is marc i,m a professional instructor and i worked since 3 years in a leadbetter academi and i only can to say about david is the tiger woods of the teachers i don,t know what is the problem about him and the reasons that i say it,s clear like the fairwais of augusta.

1.-12 majors not only with one player faldo price els.never one teachers get this
2.-his students are very good players but not only works with a good swings and mechanic swings bart brian robert allenby are not the examples with the leadbetter swing, but are a good players too
3.- trevor immelman works with leadbetter and is the leaderboard the 3rd day in masters.
4.- david says to his teachers never touch the swing directly if is not necessary he works more time with the dinamic aspects and the adress.
5.-i continue using this sistem and i know a diferents, jacobs golf in machine etc but it is the best thing that i can help to my students.
about michelle wie, his swing is better than 2004 for diferents things but it,s possible she doesn,t feel mentally ready to play and practice but that only knows herself.
04/12/08 @ 19:33
Comment from: urcrazy [Visitor] Email
Wow! Yes he is a horrible teacher that is why all of these professionals trust their lively hood with him. This is why parents pay thousands of dollars for their kids to get instruction at his schools. If you can't break 80 you suck at golf and shouldn't be talking about who can teach and who can't because obviously you haven't had a lesson from him.
Your problem is that you have such a lack of knowledgey you don't know which drills of his to use and which you shuld leave alone. If you were to decline his free advice you are an idiot. I think if Warren Buffet gave me some advice I would take it. Sorry Warren but my buddy gives me all my investing advice.
Why Lead better is such a great teacher because he makes the swing simple and uses a drill for feel. Of course your 25 handicap makes you more of an expert than all of those players on the lpga, pga, seniors and other tours across the world. Penick was great but doesn't 1/10th the majors Leadbetter has. I read every Penick book, watched every video and he was great. But he is no Lead. I've been to his academy several times and my improvement is amazing. After years of trying to figure out why I sucked through lessons magazines, videos etc. They not only showed me why but how to fix myself by looking at my swing. All swings are different and they all have faults that causes misses. He can tell you why you hit the shots you do and tell you what to do to work on it.
09/21/09 @ 17:03
Comment from: Paul [Visitor] Email
If you want a quick fix have a drink otherwise quit golf. Leadbetter gives you everything you need to know in his videos and books the problem is your lack of understanding the swing not his!
04/08/10 @ 14:53
Comment from: Jim Buck [Visitor] Email
He is the best golf coach that ever lived.
I have had many lessons with him, He understands feel and technical players. Oh yeah does he ever mention in any of his books to think about on the course. UH No you assumed You practice your technique and it will carry over to the course. He has also written many articles about why the average hack tends to think so much on the golf course.
Thank you
05/17/10 @ 21:35
Comment from: PGAPRO111 [Visitor] Email
you must remember ther a millions of great coaches in the world, and what makes the best coach? is it haney who helps tiger win his next major or the guy from down the road who brought new life in the form of golf to an underachieving group of youths who have now grown into respectful adults and play the game at a high amateur level?
07/13/10 @ 08:40

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