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Comment from: DeAnna [Visitor]
Obviously, you are a golfer and not a football fan. Were you watching the game? Did you happen to see the pass interference commited by the Steelers, the horse collars, all the offensive holding on the steelers? The Seahawks outplayed the Steelers in everyway except for 2 large plays which should have been called back for offensive holding. Big Big had the 2nd worst 1/4 rating in Superbowl history which meant that Seattle's defense played amazing. Get your facts straight and pay attention to the game next time.
02/08/06 @ 20:37
Comment from: Thom [Visitor]
Hey Spencer, I sure hope your golf game is better than your knowledge of football. Every single LEGITIMATE publication has all said they thought the officiating in the entire playoffs was the worst in memory.
Oh, and relax on his perceived responsibility to watch what he says about the Super Bowl speal. You sound like a moron when you elevate the game to saint status.
02/09/06 @ 01:55
Comment from: April [Visitor]
I am coming to you from a "non football fan view" and I can tell you the stripped shirts were one sided. Take a look at all the calls and see who was the obvious side the 'striped shirts' were on.
02/09/06 @ 03:11
Comment from: Spencer Hux [Visitor]
I am a huge football fan (though I prefer college to the NFL), and yes, I did watch the game. I also said that the officiating was awful, and I too thought that throughout the playoffs it was the worst I've ever seen.

However, the Seahawks still would have needed a better effort to win even if you take away the horrendous officiating. All of the ESPN analysts (and I think they're "LEGITIMATE") agree.

Finally, Holmgren does have a responsibility to uphold because his response to the officiating dictates how the city and team will react. His response will cause this to be a hot topic until next season. What he should do is learn how to manage the clock.
02/09/06 @ 08:07
Comment from: Mitch [Visitor]
Let the players play the game and not thr refs! These guys are letting the game go to instint replay. When the TD was called back for pushing off, that wasn't pushing off! Plus the call wasn't made until the catch was made. Like in the Pats game when the ref that was following the pass and waved it off and the ref from across called Defensive interferance, when it was clearely Offinsive, that turned the game around. Let the players play the game!
02/09/06 @ 08:12
Comment from: david meyers [Visitor]
The refs blew the game; you couldn't be more wrong. If you know anything about football, you should know that if refs give the oppossing team a 21 point swing you lose. If you want me to spell out how that swing occured, let me know. Holmgren has every right to be upset.

Yes, they still had the opportunity to win the game, but it is not their job to play against a good team in Pitt, and the refs.

Plain and simple, this was the worse case of officiating in the past several years.
02/09/06 @ 10:35
Comment from: Spencer Hux [Visitor]
I agree that Holmgren should be upset, but I think he should have gone about it differently, and he should have taken SOME responsibility for the team's loss.

Every team gets bad calls against them in every game, and the Seahawks were on the wrong end of "the worst case of officiating" this season.

I've also seen a lot of well-played football games, and the Seahawks just didn't play well. Examples: 75 yard run by Willie Parker; allowing Hines Ward (out of GA) to catch that toss up on 3rd and forever; the terrible interception thrown (and I know the penalty called on the return was a bad call, so I don't want to hear it); and finally, the total waste of seconds at the end of the 1st half.

Seattle is a great team that had a great season, but nobody knows how the game would have turned out if the calls went the other way. We can speculate all we want, but it's pointless. That was really the point I was trying to get across in the first place, which is why the situation, in my opinion, relates to golf.
02/09/06 @ 10:53
Comment from: Dave from Quinault [Visitor]
In golf, you don't have someone else make calls to where the ball lands or how the green rolls. If you play with another player, they play the same course.

The Seahawks had to play against the Stealers and also every time the had something going, the refs. Yes, the could have played better, they did play better than the Stealers.
02/09/06 @ 13:56
Comment from: Marty [Visitor]
Spencer, you are obviously a Steelers fan. What game were you watching. The refs stopped just about every big play and drive for the Seahawks who were the 2nd least penalized team in the NFL. There were phantom or makeup calls.Yes Seattle did blow lots of opportunities, but if Seattle had caught some of those dropped passes I'm not so sure the refs wouldn't have thrown a late flag to nullify them too. Look at those flags, none of them were thrown on a poor play. All were thrown after a succesful, big play (except the chop block on Hasselback when he made the tackle(explain that one). You don't know football or probably golf either.
02/10/06 @ 00:58
Comment from: mike [Visitor]
the refs caused the seahawks 2 touchdowns and gave one to the steelers that wouldn't even have counted the seahawks would acctually have won if the refs had half a mind to be there to give points fairly
02/12/06 @ 23:11
Comment from: DENISE [Visitor]
losers will be losers. i can completely understand why the whole city of seatlle is crying for goodness sake it rains the majority of the time in seattle i think they are born to be depressed and sad. blaming the officiating is as bad as it gets for a loss. so let me get this straight the seahawks fans take absolutely no responsibility for their team losing other than bad officiating. come on. jeremy stevens dropped 4 balls was that bad officiating? your field goal kicker missed two field goals, was that bad officiating? horrible clock management at the end of the 1st and second half was that bad offciaitng. the interception thrown by your qb was that bad officiating.
? willie parker breaking loose for a 75 yard td run. bad officaiting right? the trick play to hines ward in the end zone. bad officiating right? letting the steelers convert a 3rd and 28 let me guess.... i think you get my drift. first off let me just say if the seahawks had played an absoulutely flawless game then i can see complaining about the calls and it costing you the game but then again if you would have played a flawless game you would have won regardless of the calls. complaining, crying and whining are all the results of the losers. champions play thru adversity including bad calls. there were so many oppourtunities for the seahawks to win that game and chose not to by not making plays and making plenty of excuses. so congratulations to the team that played through adversity all season long and especially thru the playoffs. remember the colts game bad officiating too but the true champs prevailed. so cry me a river but the bottom line is the steelers are the champs and no amount of crying will change that.
03/01/06 @ 20:03
Comment from: calichawkfan [Visitor]
Hey Denise, you head-up-ass ignorant jackass...Holmgren DID take responsibilty for not outright winning the game. He admitted, as did the entire team, including Jeramy Stevens for dropping easy passes. As did Seahwak fan as a whole, state that the play was less than flawless. The Stealers, on the other hand, did NOT admit to playing a less than flawless game. Your bitch "Big Ben" had the lowest QB ranking of ANY WINNING QUARTERBACK IN SUPERBOWL HISTORY. So you want to talk about a team not owning up to their faults? Typical hypocrisy from hypocritical teams. BOTH teams played sloppily and less-than-Superbowl calibre. Holmgren's comments about the officiating were a one-sentence remark, not an ongoing diatribe of "the refs this and the refs that." He said one short comment, that every OBJECTIVE fan of football saw. The only people who think that there was no problem with the officiating are Steelers fans...their team won without actually out-playing the opponent, via a poorly officiated game. NEITHER team played well at all. The difference maker, and the reason Pitt won, was the horrendous officiating, end of story. Let's not get into a play-by-play recont of what calls were blown, and the ultimate impact they had on the game. But let's just look at merely *one* example of Pittsburgh being handed the Lombardi trophy. "Big Ben" *knew* he didn't actually score a touchdown--you can see it in his eyes, caught on tape. As he looks to his left, after being downed a half-yard short of the goal by the Seahawk defense, and he looks like a kid caught stealing candy...you can see it in his eyes. Go back and look at the tape...for anyone who knows human response and physical reaction to personal actions (I, as a PhD in psychology do intimately). He knew damn well he was pulling a fast one...and the officiating crew being as ridiculously awful as it was, gave it to him. Anyone with eyes can see that was NOT a touchdown. Even John Madden, the eternal optimist, who NEVER questions officiating, calls, or the NFL in general, was aghast at that call, and the myriad of others that were plainly wrong calls.

And I would normally just let it go at that. But your slamming of the entire city of Seattle warrants a much futher dialogue. Let me just start with why don't you grow up, you bitter stupid moron. Seattle is one of the most gorgeous places on earth. And no, I don't live there, I never have, and surprise! I'm not even a Seahawks fan. I'm from California, and have been a lifelong Chargers fan, so no vested interest in Seattle. I am just a true football fan, and ultimately interested in the game and it's integrity. Of which you obviously have none. What kind of person slams a beautiful, vibrant city, filled with some of the most forward-thinking, productive, intelligent people on teh face of the earth, per capita? Calling Seattle names for it's climate, calling it depressed and suicidal? You are a joke. If you want to talk about depressing towns, let's talk about your 'hood Pittsburgh. A run-down, bleak, charcoal grey landscape of used up mills, lost jobs, welfare families, hearkening to a yeasteryear where the only good to come of the town was the pollution of the skies through it's endless smokestacks and dirty factories, full of gnorant, uneducated backwater fucks like yourself, who wouldn't know the modern philosophers form their ass. Pittsburgh is a run-down town of the previous century that has no hope, nothing to offer humanity, nothing to look forward to, save for their football team. How sad is that? Football is a GAME, ans that's it. Unfortunately for Pittsburghers, it's all your sad asses have. Pitiful. You want to slam Seattle for spectacular mountian-studded skylines, God's blessing of life through beautiful rainstorms and nature on display, and forests of life-filled pines and sub-tropical rainforests. It's places like Seattle, the entire greater Northwest, that make this country what it is--rugged, untamed, free, clear-skied, full of God's natural beauty and wonder. Not some burned-out, disgusting, completely trashed, man-made relic of a city like Pittsburgh, that has done nothing but pollute our air and soil the precious earth. Pittsburgh is devoid of natural beauty. any sort of meaningful art, culture or class. How bout you do us ALL a favor and 1) Learn the rules of football, 2) Travel the world, and learn about a reality outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania--Rome, Paris, Sydney, Hamburg, Vienna, and Barcelona are good places to start learning about culture and 3) Go to school and get a degree, and come back and talk to us then. Ignoramus. I seriously hope you come back to this board and read this, because anyone as uncultured as yourself needs to realize what a typically ignorant ugly American you are. I am born and raised in this country, I am not slammig Americans in general. But what I am slamming is people like you, who give us educated, intelligent Americans bad names in the world culture. Oh, and Go Steelers! Shut out by JACKSONVILLE??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA. Talk abotu LOSERS.
09/19/06 @ 02:53
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