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Comment from: John [Visitor]
Actually Spenser, there were 5 people better who putted better than he last year, in 2002 there were 82 better than he on the year end stats listing for putting--but he was number one on the money list both years.

The magic of the Tiger is he can put together a total game better than any one else. If his putter is off, he'll beat you with his irons, if his irons are off he'll beat you with his driver.

If all three are off, he'll walk up onto the green and turn your knees to jelly with his game face. (He jellied two sets of knees on Sunday when by his own admission his game was way off from where he wanted it to be.)

He finds the way to win. It has nothing to do with absolute superiority at any single phase of the game. It has everything to do with what you mention in your post...he will make the shot that he has to make, when he has to make it.
01/31/06 @ 00:14
Comment from: John [Visitor]
Sorry, I meant "actually SpenCer"
01/31/06 @ 00:18
Comment from: david meyers [Visitor]
He's good. I think the biggest reason for his success for the last two years is his entire short game. His putting is good, even great, but his chipping, approach shots, and putting combined make him spectacular.

I too, knew he would drain the 9ft. + putt. I don't know how, I just knew. I can only equate it to Michael Jordan. You didn't know how he would win, just that he would. It always amazed us even though we knew it was inevitable.
01/31/06 @ 13:43
Comment from: David [Visitor]
Some people have missed Spencer's point completely. Sure, Tiger does not lead the putting statistics, and never has, but look at the top of the putting stats and you'll see, in large part, a bunch of very non-spectacular pros.

How many PGA Tour events did Bob Heintz win last year? (Bob who? Just take a look at the 2005 Putting Average. Bob plays on the Nationwide Tour!)

Bob whatshisname may have been a consistently good putter in 2005, but how many eight-foot, 'gotta make it' putts did he hole last year on the final hole of a tournament to force a play-off? None. Yes, I've seen Tiger literally putt his ball off the green and into a nearby water hazard on more than one occasion, but believe it or not, I've never actually seen him lose a lead and straight THROW AWAY A TOURNAMENT. His putting always stands up under pressure. He's the greatest ever.

His short game is undeniably amazing.

Vijay and Wie can't putt.
01/31/06 @ 15:11

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