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Comment from: Sam De Simine [Visitor]
please explain what the " spider" exercise is.

Thank you
2006-02-08 @ 11:50
Comment from: jOHN Caldwell [Visitor] Email
Please elaborate and tell us what is the spider excercise, otherwise are of no value
2007-01-09 @ 20:16
Comment from: Doc [Visitor] Email
The real take home lesson here is to stretch all the muscle groups listed. The "uberlesson" that you can surmise is that we should stretch and increase the flexibility of all our muscles and joints. While I think that most of us are convinced that we degrade with age more than is absolutely necessary, no one is getting younger. Actually that is not entirely true but that is a differnt field of thought.
2007-08-26 @ 07:11

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