Open round one: Wind could blow the field apart

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Local knowledge looked the clear winner Thursday whichever course was being played. Being a local boy, leader Bob May lives and breathes these courses and so found TPC Summerlin pretty easy even if the greens were playing faster than he is used to. At th… more » Open preview: Time for another vet?

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So far the Fall Series has been dominated by PGA veterans, and it's old hands like Scott Verplank and Mark Calcavecchia who are catching tipsters' eyes again this week. But in a thin market most cash so far has gone on the head of Charley Hoffman, winner… more »

Valero Texas Open round four: Watch out for Chopra

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"Give the credit to Justin. He didn't do too much wrong today." That might be Jesper Parnevik's view, gracious as ever in defeat. I beg to differ. If you were in the live betting market Justin Leonard did a whole lot wrong. He looked so sure of victory… more »

Valero Texas Open round three: Parnevik needs to mind out

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After looking pretty locked on all week, I'm not so sure about Jesper Parnevik coming into the final round. It's not so much the gradual decline in his game over the three rounds, but the way he seems to be talking himself into losing before he's stepped… more »

Valero Texas Open round two: Anyone here speak Swedish?

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Wonder what language the leading threesome will be using during Saturday's round? Can't be many times four Swedes have defied gravity to head a PGA Tour leaderboard. Jesper Parnevik doesn't look as if he's ready anytime soon to give up his commanding p… more »

Valero Texas Open round one: Chance buy ends Parnevik's putting woes

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Where's all those solid Australian golfers when you need them? It's very odd to see a PGA Tour leaderboard that's not peppered with dark blue flags at the top. Instead its a flag of a decidedly lighter blue taking up the cudgels against the Americans, wi… more »

Valero Texas Open preview: A surfeit of former champions

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Just how greedy is Steve Flesch? Two wins in two months should be more than enough for most golfers, unless they're you-know-who. He's comfortably in the top 30 on the money list with all its attendant playing privileges next year, although now that Tour… more »

Presidents Cup day four: Mickelson becomes a guiding star

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I would be surprised if the Americans don't end up strong favourites to get revenge at last over Europe at Valhalla next year. Even the stars we may once have thought could not acclimatise to this format seem to have done so with gusto and no small amoun… more »

Presidents Cup day three: Americans discover the joys of four-play

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Even the Americans seem to be struggling to come to terms with their stunning success Saturday. "Good old-fashioned American teamwork," was one paper's rather ironic verdict. But it was teamwork, and of the highest order, in quite stark contrast to the m… more »

Presidents Cup day two: I hope Nick Faldo's watching

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That must have been some team talk Gary Player gave his men Friday morning. I imagine he pointed out how close Thursday's encounters had actually been and how easily things might have tipped the other way, for all they ended in a near US whitewash. A few… more »

Presidents Cup day one: Americans in the driving seat

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How's that for openers? And who said the US doesn't do team competitions? This might not be my favourite event, but that was as compelling a day's golf as I've come across in a while. The Americans really did seem fired up for the job.'s… more »

Presidents Cup preview: American underdogs? That's barking

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Being European 'n'all, the Presidents Cup doesn't do it for me like the Ryder Cup. Strikes me as a consolation event for those golfers not privileged to be from the upper-right-hand-side of the Atlantic. This awkward concept of an "international" side in… more »

Turning Stone Championship round four: Flesch spins a load of balls

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The story of how Steve Flesch suddenly began playing tournament-winning golf is a load of balls, quite literally. After duly wrapping up this one without too much sweat he talked of how his season had been going to hell in a handcart, to the point where… more »

Turning Stone Championship, round three: Why I worry about Pettersson

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Leading the straw-clutchers this Sunday are those playing up the fact that Steve Flesch is not one of the PGA Tour's most prolific last round scorers. He's 171st in the Tour list for last round scoring and those figures put him 57th of the 65 left in thi… more »

Turning Stone Championship round two: 'Careful what you wish for'

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Memo to Atunyote golf course staff: stop watering the greens. The golfers are not going to straight out admit it, but in a roundabout way they have let the cat out of the bag - the greens are being a little too generous. Atunyote is a pretty generous c… more »