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Comment from: 2under [Visitor] Email
I didn't understand it either, but Choi gets an "A" for effort. At least he tries.

I have just as difficult a time understanding Padraig, and he supposedly shares a commom language.
2007-08-27 @ 09:18
Fair point 2under, though I think I got the bit about the ladybirds! :-)
2007-08-27 @ 10:32
Comment from: Steve [Visitor] Email
Oooh..not good Mr. Urguhart. No need to rip a guy for trying to speak English. I've been there myself. You know how long it took me to learn English? I can't tell you because I'm still learning. I came to the States when I was 12 years and I'm still stumbling over words and phrases. I can't imagine being 29 years old and trying to learn while trying to make a living for his family! And it's not like coming from Italy to America and learning English. they share at least a common alphabet. The Korean alphabet is completely different.

Give the man a break. If anything you, the reporters, should help him out. I heard his freinds like Chris Dimarco and Vijay Sighn help him out on tour.

Have a good week.


Korean American.
2007-08-28 @ 10:26
Steve, Iranians used to laugh at me rotten with my pidgin Persian when I first lived there (for 8 years). Didn't upset me none; I laughed even louder. Persian's got a pretty wacky alphabet too - still trying to work out where all the written vowels went. I think a sense of proportion is wise in everything, don't you? And as I say elsewhere, it is frustrating because I want to understand what K J is saying - he clearly has very interesting things to say.

Cheers to you my friend.


English, Welsh, Scots with Iranian children.
2007-08-28 @ 19:42
Comment from: Christian Lee [Visitor] Email
Mr. Urquhart,

I just read an article in travelgolf.com and decided
to check our your article.
You continue to defend yourself by saying that you
were merely trying to find out what Choi was saying
during the interview. Perhaps you were.
However, the choice of words you were using here in
this article clearly suggests that you were mocking Choi
for his poor English skill. "Choi makes sense, on the course
at least"??? If you had no intention of making fun of him,
why else would you make that the title of your column?
You sound like an intelligent person. Don't assume
that the readers are not. Your statement about you
merely wanting to understand Choi only upsets readers.
If you politely apologize, it will be greatly appreciated.
If you don't, that will be fine... You're just one of
those people.
2007-08-29 @ 23:47
Comment from: Daniel [Visitor]
Christian, I get the sense Urqui here is DEFINITELY one of those people. "My pidgin Persian..." Give me a break.
2007-08-30 @ 02:54
Comment from: H [Visitor]
Chris, I very much appreciate your intelligent insight. I cannot believe a well-read site such as worldgolf.com would let Urquhart waste their precious space with such ignorance. As for Mr. Urquhart, it is actually YOU who need to get out more. Defending your trashy, valueless and attention- grubbing comment at a fellow journalist's site is pretty lame, don't you think? Shouldn't you be spending more time trying to figure out what other international golfers are saying during their interviews? Maybe that would help.
2007-08-30 @ 03:11
Comment from: PGA Punter [Member] Email
Guys, you are entiled to your views. I stick by mine. But Daniel, to help you at least because you seem to need it:

"pidgin" = (loosely) any simplified or broken form of a language, esp. when used for communication between speakers of different languages. (dictionary.com)

2007-08-30 @ 07:06
Comment from: PETER LEE [Visitor] Email
Anthony Urquhart:
You are an idiot for not even knowing that
"Persian" is not a language. Shame on you.
You must think "Indian" and "Chinese" are
languages too. They're not, you fool.
Persian, Indian and Chinese are races. Examples of
their languages are Farsi, Tamil and Mandarin,
respectively. Know your s*t before you talk
s*t about someone's language ability, whether
or not your s*t is justified or warranted, you
dumbass. Ignorant jackasses like you are the main
reason why non-native English speakers are
reluctant to speak freely. Add Diplomacy 101 to
your Languages/Races 101 course.
2007-08-30 @ 11:10
Comment from: Jay [Visitor] Email
It's people like Urquhart so senseless, egocentric, and coward that makes us "ugly American" throughout the world.

And it's people like you Urq that's going to question "why is s/he still using interpreter after all these years playing here?"

And I'm sure you wouldn't publicly bs about player's English if s/he were a European.
2007-08-30 @ 17:02
Comment from: Ken Bae [Visitor] Email
I’m wondering one thing, Mr. Urquhart. Are you trying to say that you’re an ignorant person because you never seriously tried other languages but your mother tongue? Or that you’re insensitive person to feel nothing even when people of your own children’s heritage make fun of you?

I mean, if you have ever seriously tried to learn any other language, you should know how hard it to understand the other culture. Education, relationship, history, jokes, taboos, and millions of more aspects are melted into a language. That is probably why linguists are claiming that only 80% of your thoughts are effectively communicated to others even if you’re speaking in your own mother tongue. If you have a slightest idea how hard it is to understand other culture, especially when majority of your focus is on something else, say “survival in the world of fierce competition”?

In your reply, you wrote as if you have “tried” other language and didn’t care what others were saying to you(or laughing at you) about your language skill. You probably tried a few words in Farsi, like “hello”, “thank you” or some sort. You must have been hurt badly if you really tried.

If this “makes any sense” to you, Mr. Urquhart, I think it’s time for you to bite the bullet and offer your sincere apology to your readers and to KJ.
2007-08-30 @ 17:21
Comment from: Paul Limb [Visitor] Email
PGA Punter,

Your idea that trash-talking a top 10 golfer in the world simply because he does not speak English well enough is truly despicable and disheartening. KJ is one of the most engaging and sincere interviewees I've seen on TV and in the clubhouse.

Golf is a global game, attracting more people to our country for tourist dollars and chasing that elusive American / Tiger dream. Your comment will sting the heart of a lot of international players whose first-language is not Engligh to be a lot less than forthcoming with doing interviews.

You should be censored by your own organization.

Way to go, KJ, for your aplomb and cool in this FedEx race; you don't need blabbermouths like Urquhart, but that's life.

2007-08-30 @ 19:27
Comment from: Daniel [Visitor]
Peter Lee, thanks for your spot-on comment. I couldn't have said it better myself. As for you, Urq, your feeble attempt to respond by quoting dictionary.com tells me you really have a looooong way to go in the "how to be culturally responsible in a PUBLIC forum" department. While you are surfing dictionary.com, you might as well look up "insensitive," "irresponsible" and "lame," because they all have your pictures posted.
2007-08-30 @ 22:41
Comment from: Peter [Visitor] Email
Anthony Urquhart:
I have five words for you. You are fat and ugly.
2007-08-31 @ 00:06
Comment from: Christian Lee [Visitor] Email

Saying something so carelessly can happen. For you to deny it and saying "I'll stick by my views." is something else. Not only you are an ignorant person, you have absolutely no courage. Think about that. You are a coward.. Cowwards act this way. I said to you above that if you really didn't have intention of mocking Choi, then admit and apologize for choosing wrong words in your article.. You are a racist. I'll stick with my views then. Many readers will stick with the same view I have.
2007-09-02 @ 23:40

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