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Comment from: sid [Visitor] Email

"what kind of a prize is a pension anyway"
2007-08-23 @ 20:51
Comment from: sid [Visitor] Email
Tiger is not sure he will live to collect,
and Phil would just as soon have it in one big
pile at the first "TEE"
2007-08-23 @ 20:56
Comment from: Brian [Visitor] Email
I gotta tell ya, I certainly wouldn't turn my nose up at a $10m pension! I wonder if this is how all the other basketball players felt during Michael Jordon's glory days? They were just praying for an injury or some other reason for him not to be on the court. At least his was not an individual sport!

2007-08-24 @ 10:24
Comment from: PGA Punter [Member] Email
Guys, my point is when you're already earning the squillions these guys are putting in the bank a pension seem so, well, unnecessary. If I was Tiger, I'd say gimme the money now so I can splash it around in Las Vegas. Then again, maybe that's why I'm not Tiger!
2007-08-24 @ 15:08

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