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Comment from: Ron Mon [Member] Email
I could go either way on Sabbatini. Won't get into it here. RE: PGA...do you go with guys who are on form (Flesch, Rose, DiMarco, et al.) or do you stick with the players who traditionally perform well on this type of course, at this type of event?
2007-08-06 @ 10:11
The evidence says a top player having a good year (last 3 winners Singh-Mickelson-Woods) or someone from the pack with some seasonal form but nothing too recent (previous 3 Toms-Micheel-Beem), although Beem ws an exception, winning the late lamented International the week before. Tournament form? Micheel was a PGAC debutante while Beem had played it just once three years previously. They did all have at least three top 10s for the season though so no rank outsiders.
2007-08-06 @ 10:50
Comment from: putt4par [Visitor] Email
Kudos to Steve Banky, the poor sod that got tossed from the gallery. All he did wa call the little twirp on his mouthy chirps in the press conference.

Shame on Sabbatini.
"We're out here to do our job -- let us do our job," Sabbatini said later. "Have a little bit of decorum, a little bit of class out there. I guess a few too many beers were talking."
If he can't handle the heat, then he should learn to quit playing with hot coals. Decorum? Class? Has he any idea what either of those words mean?
Another one of those players that seem to think that they can use f-bombs and bad manners. What's worse is they get away with it.

Congrats to Tiger. I guess he's still as beatable as ever...Sabatinni I mean, lol

2007-08-06 @ 12:00
Comment from: putt4par [Visitor] Email
Thanks for that Link, Anthony. I used it.
2007-08-06 @ 12:13
Comment from: bill [Visitor] Email
The way Rory went about getting the guy thrown out stank. Rory said, "I want the f*cker thrown out of here now!". He said that in front of women and children. He has the nerve to say this guy had no class, but he's the one that used profanities. Rory is a hypocrite. He thinks it was classy to walk off on ben crane? Heck, In texas he was about to lose it playing with his supposed hero bernhard langer. The guy obviously has mental problems.
2007-08-06 @ 13:27
Comment from: Booger [Visitor] Email
Mental problems brought on by 'roid rage?
2007-08-06 @ 18:02
Comment from: Doug [Visitor]
When a non-profane comment from a fan (not made in the middle of a swing) elicits an ejection and a profane response from a representative of the tour does not, the PGA has a serious hypocrisy problem. Tell them at the feedback form link in PGA Punter's text above.

Money talks. I wonder if the same marketing hero at Nike who signed Tiger also got Sabbatini and Wie. Wrestlers are assigned either good guy or bad guy personas. Nike has a lot of good sports. I guess they need a couple examples of poor sportsmanship to balance the ledger.
2007-08-06 @ 19:48
Comment from: 2under [Visitor] Email
I don't agree with Rory's comments, but there is absolutely no reason for a fan to yell ANYTHING at a golf course.

YOU DA MAN! or IT'S IN THE HOLE! should be met with an immediate ejection. No place for that in golf.

If you want to act like that, go to a football game.
2007-08-06 @ 20:46
Comment from: Ron Mon [Member] Email
I think that people are confusing Rory's comments with those made by people related to other sports, or perhaps trying to "pose" golf as tougher than it is. Rory indicated that Tiger looked beatable, and one day, he will be. Plant the seed of doubt. We all deify Tiger for his psychological advantage, then criticize a guy who attempts to crack the combination the exact same way? How hypocritical!
2007-08-06 @ 22:33
You are quite right Ron Mon. Nothing wrong with him trying to bait Tiger, although it would be quite nice if his clubs could speak as loudly as his mouth. But that doesn't excuse Sabbatini's behaviour at the ninth, which I now read even the policemen that ejected the spectator thought was way over the top. The sherrif actually called Rory a prima donna.

2under: while I understand your sentiments, certainly regarding the infuriating "In the hole" merchants, I think you are whistling in the wind. You can't avoid fan participation - indeed it does add to the atmosphere. Look at Scottsdale for instance where it's almost de rigeur to barrack the players, especially on the 18th.
2007-08-07 @ 04:00
Comment from: Booger [Visitor] Email
If the cops felt that way, then why did they violate
federal law by ejecting him?
2007-08-07 @ 07:46
Booger, because as I understand it they were not there as "cops" so much as paid security. To quote Summit County Sheriff Drew Alexander: ''The PGA and Bridgestone/Firestone people pay our salaries, and they ask for zero tolerance on anybody harassing the pros.'' You can read the full piece at http://www.ohio.com/news/top_stories/8959237.html
2007-08-07 @ 14:01
Comment from: Oliver Sudden [Visitor] Email
When trying to predict who might do well in a tour event it seems to me players who grew up or live in the area or went to college there are a good idea. So Verplank, Tway, Mahan, Kim, and Van Pelt might do well. The most fun in the PGA is to try and predict last. As far as Sabbatini I'm disgusted. As soon as a player says anything controversial he gets crucified by the media and bloggers. Then these same folks loudly complain the players never say anything. Please.
2007-08-08 @ 19:44
Comment from: putt4par [Visitor] Email
PGA Answer to the complaint of Sabbatini.

"Thank you for your recent correspondence regarding Rory Sabbatini at the Bridgestone Invitational.

Golf is unlike any other major sport in that the fans are so close to the action and the players. This is one of the great things about our game, but can also be the source of difficulty when fans and players interact. Fortunately, the vast majority of both groups – fans and players – understand there are courtesies which must be observed in order to maintain an enjoyable atmosphere for the fans and a fair competitive arena for the players. Because of our desire to maintain the fundamental civility of the game we so greatly enjoy, tournament officials are much quicker to escort out spectators who heckle golfers than would be officials of other sports. At the same time, we expect a higher standard of civility from our players as well, which would include attempting to ignore a single instance of heckling.

Clearly, neither the spectator in question nor Mr. Sabbatini met the higher standards to which we aspire. Members of the PGA TOUR staff are in continual contact with PGA TOUR players, and will certainly discuss this issue with Mr. Sabbatini, including ways to avoid a situation such as this in the future. Thank you again for your correspondence."

DotComFeedback Staff

In all fairness, that was a reasonable approach to the problem. Still, i'd have like to have seen Banky at least get his $55 back.
2007-08-08 @ 20:19
Comment from: 2under [Visitor] Email

Heckling belongs in a comedy club, not on a golf course.

If the PGA is to allow this behavior to continue, what do you think press conference answers will be like? The media already accuses these guys of providing canned, vanilla cliches. If we allow heckling to continue, what kind of answers do you think you'll receive then? None, because they don't want to deal with the same things Rory did.

As well, I absolutely hate this idea of "entitlement" that spectators have at sporting events b/c they "pay good money." It may be part of other sports, but it certainly shouldn't be part of golf. Why should I tolerate some jackass who wants to become part of the event, like this guy did? His ticket affords him the opportunity to watch the event, not become part of it. It's just like watching an NBA game, when an egocentric referee decides he is going to become part of the action, as opposed to just calling the game. It is highly regrettable.

If you are a spectator, keep your damn mouth shut. As a fellow spectator, I don't want to hear your heckling, and I don't care to hear your poor understanding and analysis of the game. If you want to shout, re-invest that $55 dollars towards an afternoon at your local sports pub.
2007-08-09 @ 09:01

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