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Chrysler Classic of Greensboro Round Four: Love is all around

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Who doesn't love happy endings? Probably those frustrated souls that pumped more than £70,000 ($130,000) on Eric Axley at odds-on as he took a three-stroke lead into the last six or so holes. At the time it must have seemed like money for old rope. Unfo… more »

Chrysler Classic of Greensboro Round Three: Looks like the devil of a duel between Love and Couch

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Oh heavens! Chris Couch isn't going to win again is he? I'm sure he's a really nice chap 'n 'all, and obviously he's no mean golfer when he puts his mind to it, but I find his "doing God's work" routine faintly nauseating. If I was a contestant of an alt… more »

Chrysler Classic of Greensboro Round Two: Has Davis Love finally worked out how to beat his course?

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If the fat lady tried to sing on the Forest Oaks course she'd be drowned out by the howling wind. But she might have a go at Saturday's close, if recent history is a guide. Since the start of the millennium, at least, the third round leader has invariabl… more »

Chrysler Classic of Greensboro Round One: Curses - they say it's going to turn a bit nasty

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Is the curse of Greensboro about to strike again? The morning crew were smiling Thursday as they plundered a course at its most benign and bagged most of the top spots. But the experts talking about Friday's weather suggested the smiles would be on the… more »

Chrysler Classic of Greensboro preview: Choi has his work cut out to break Greensboro jinx

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I feel very fortunate this Thursday morning, having returned barely alive from carousing in the frozen north of Britain (actually it was quite balmy) with some Scots pals. I am also fortunate because at least the huge headache I have copped as a result… more »

Southern Farm Bureau Classic Round Four: Mayhem in the markets - the perils of betting blind

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D J Trahan found his bottle at last and it was a Nebuchadnezzar big enough to last him through three tense playoff holes. I don't know about the players, but I was getting giddy just trying to follow them round and round the 18th to find a winner. What… more »

WGC-American Express Championship Round Four: For Tiger Woods, the eagle doesn't always land

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They really will have to name the 18th hole at The Grove after Tiger Woods. The WGC radio guys initially got it wrong in suggesting it won the tournament for Tiger, but they weren't far wrong - the three eagles and a birdie gave him all but one of his ei… more »

Southern Farm Bureau Classic Round Three: History is against Trahan, but who's left to take over?

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Remember Greensboro! It sounds like a rallying call from the American Civil War; in fact it's the increasingly desperate cry of D J Trahan layers on the forums. It harks back to almost exactly a year ago when he shot a three over par 75 on the final day… more »

WGC-American Express Championship Round Three: In the absence of a contest, I'm playing the three-balls

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Time for some three-ball in-play fun Sunday. I haven't had time to look at them in detail - the indecently early Sunday start has caught me out after a heavy Saturday night, if you get my drift - but the tussle between Adam Scott and Brett Quigley in the… more »