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Comment from: Oliver Sudden [Visitor] Email
You got it right with Durant and he could win next week too. He is one of those players that hits it pure and when he gets the putter going is capable of winning back to back as he did a few years ago. K.J. Choi won on the copperhead in 2002 and is in form so Choi and Durant are my picks for next week.
2006-10-22 @ 21:21
Comment from: Warren [Visitor] Email
WOW, an article which reeks of little understanding of the game and what
it takes to win! FYI Justin Rose took the decision to leave David Leadbetter and
move to a new breed of Coach in Englishman Nick Bradley only 4 months ago.
Subjective I know but Justin has had 5 top 14 finishes and won over a $1m
in that period. Nick is attempting to teach Justin "HOW" to win and win
right. No disrespect but your one hit wonders like Couch, Matteson, Wetterich
etc just got lucky and they will likely NEVER win again. Justin however is
learning and learning the hard way. Once he brakes through he is
without doubt a World top 10 talent. He's every bit as good as his fellow
country men in the top 15 Donald, Casey, Howell. He simply needs to
learn how to win and to free it up. Next time you might offer some positive
input, although I doubt that!!
2006-10-24 @ 04:43
WOW, I must bow to your amazing insight that Wetterich and Matteson will NEVER win again. Do you think we should tell them or not?

However you state of Justin: "He needs to learn how to win and free it up."

Yup, I bow to your superior knowledge on that one too.
2006-10-24 @ 08:41
Comment from: Warren [Visitor] Email
Point being that Rose has an Inordinate amount of talent compared to most
PGA tour players. As Faldo states "I find it amazing that some of these guys
can be on your the way they strike the ball". Rose is in a different league.
Mark my words when I say that you will one day very soon "EAT YOURS"!
2006-10-26 @ 05:35
Comment from: Warren [Visitor] Email
Many thanks!!
2006-11-28 @ 06:55

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