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Chrysler Classic of Greensboro Round Three: Looks like the devil of a duel between Love and Couch

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Oh heavens! Chris Couch isn't going to win again is he? I'm sure he's a really nice chap 'n 'all, and obviously he's no mean golfer when he puts his mind to it, but I find his "doing God's work" routine faintly nauseating. If I was a contestant of an alt… more »

Chrysler Classic of Greensboro Round Two: Has Davis Love finally worked out how to beat his course?

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If the fat lady tried to sing on the Forest Oaks course she'd be drowned out by the howling wind. But she might have a go at Saturday's close, if recent history is a guide. Since the start of the millennium, at least, the third round leader has invariabl… more »