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Comment from: Willie Uys [Visitor]
Yes, Tiger is fantastic BUT he gets a lot of assistance from "outside agencies". I do not agree with the free drop he got and that he didn't put pressure on the rules officials. Any other golfer, having seen where there ball had gone to, would have dropped and played a provisional and then walked forward to see about the original ball. NOT Tiger. He walkes up as to say: "I am going to get a drop up here whatever you guys say". With any other player, it would have been a drop and play four. Too mant times do we see the gallery "assisting" Tiger with balls stopped from going out of bounds; balls been deflected and even thrown back into the fairway from clearly wayward shots. If I had such a following and people bent on assisting me to continue to win in spite of "bad" shots, I would also take the field on.
2006-08-28 @ 02:07
Comment from: PGA Punter [Member] Email
Sure, he's the best in the world Joh but c'mon, he does get all the breaks, and some. There is still a very strong feeling, as Willie suggests, that if Tiger was a "true" golfing gentleman, since he clearly believed he was out of bounds with that clubhouse shot, he should have gone ahead and taken a drop instead of putting everyone through a rather ridiculous, lengthy and still, in some people's eyes, dubious spot-the-ball competition. And what about the intimidation tactics Sunday mentioned by my colleague Tim McDonald?
Anthony Urquhart
2006-08-28 @ 10:54

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