Golf, gambling and blues: My, how times have changed in the Mississippi Delta

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My memories of the Mississippi Delta -- in the 35 years I visited my grandparents and the couple of years I lived with them as a kid -- are of farmland, trips to the barber shop, the Piggly Wiggly and Fred's Dollar star. Now there are retro blues clubs… more »

Golf doesn't get much better than Dancing Rabbit in the springtime

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Springtime at the Dancing Rabbit Golf Club at the Pearl River Resort in Choctaw, Miss., might not have the same ring to it as springtime in Augusta, but it's pretty fair substitution for the masses who will never have a chance to play at the home of the… more »

International golfer Lorena Ochoa will always be a champion

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The challenges for an athlete taking on motherhood seem so daunting to me that I won't even begin to describe them. So when the top ranked woman golfer in the world, Loreno Ochoa, announced her retirement this week, it really didn't seem all that surpris… more »

Win a golf date with Bill Clinton, help save the environment

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So here's the question: How much would you pay to play golf with President Bill Clinton? As of Tuesday afternoon, someone was willing to fork over nearly $30,000 for a round of golf with the president out at Trump National Golf Club in Westchester, N.Y.… more »

TPC San Antonio's A&T Oaks golf course ready to go

One thing we do know for certain about the new TPC San Antonio's AT&T Oaks Course: it really drains well -- really well. That much has been evident over the past couple of days as heavy rain has inundated the San Antonio area. Somehow, our group wa… more »

Masters 3D telecast brings a whole new dimension to golf coverage

Besides Phil Mickelson's shot from the trees on the 13th at when Augusta National Golf Club, I saw something else amazing last week while watching the Masters. It was a 3D telecast. Thanks to the nice folks at NVIDIA, I got to watch the special 3D pres… more »

Phil Mickelson is true to himself in impressive victory at the Masters

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Phil Mickelson is often criticized for his aggression on the golf course, but it was his go-for-it mentality and terrific attitude that won him his third green jacket at Augusta National Golf Club on Sunday. Few will remember that he missed that short… more »

Tiger Woods' eagle on the seventh keeps him alive at the Masters, but just barely

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Just when you thought Tiger Woods was out of the Masters chase, he pulls off a Tiger shot Sunday at Augusta National.  Like Phil Mickelson in the third round, Woods holes out, this time from fairway on the par-4 seventh to right the ship after playing th… more »

Third round of Masters supremely entertaining

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They call in moving day at Augusta National Golf Club, and the leader board at the Masters had some dramatic shuffling on Saturday.Of course, there was nothing more exhilarating that Phil Mickelson's charge from five strokes down to one up in a matter… more »

Masters revealing that old habits die hard for Tiger Woods

It was only a matter of time, it seems, until Tiger Woods started to let loose after hitting a less-than-satisfactory shot.After pulling his tee shot a little on the par-3 sixth on Saturday at the Masters, and not finding the right level of the green,… more »

Ernie Els should share his Masters check with the patrons at 15

Now here's something you don't see every day in a major. One of the best players in the world and a pre-Masters favorite, Ernie Els, got a huge and unusual assist from the patrons.Having already gone in the water once, Els flew the green on the par-5 1… more »

Some things never change with Tiger Woods, lurks right behind the seniors at Masters

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It looks like Tiger Woods pretty much answered any questions we had about his golf game. So much for the rust. He only had the best opening round he's ever had at the Masters with a 68. Seems every time we looked up, he was putting for eagle on a par 5… more »

They're off at the Masters: Go Padraig Harrington, Tim Clark, Quiros, Ishikawa, etc

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Yeah, I know we're supposed to be objective when it comes to watching golf tournaments, but like many of you, I'm in a big-money Masters pool at work. My strategy was simple: Pick a bunch of dark horses, and if most of them come through, there's no way… more »

At last, Tiger Woods is back on course, but will he have a different growl?

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In his first real press conference in five months, Tiger Woods spent 34 minutes at Augusta National Golf Club this afternoon answering pretty much every question anyone should care to ask. There isn't much more, if anything, I want to know at this poin… more »

The new Anthony Kim brings a smile to the Masters

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When handicapping the Masters, it's easy to throw the previous week's winner into the "ones to watch" category, especially when the player has as much natural talent as Anthony Kim. But in Kim's case it isn't just that he's coming into Augusta fresh off… more »