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San Antonio golf, tourism fending off recession - for now

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This week I got a sneak preview of the new JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort & Spa well under construction in the northwest part of the San Antonio, Texas. The scene doesn't exactly jibe with current economic woes, and you can't help but fe… more »

Golf without Titleist Pro Vs, the strongest name in golf balls, pretty unlikely

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It's difficult to imagine golf without the Titleist Pro V1, but if you take a recent court ruling literally, then you might be led to believe it could happen starting next year. But for those of you who are married to you Pro V1s, relax, that's a pre… more »

Out with the PGA and LPGA: Bring on golf's silly season

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Man, you've got to be a hard-core golf fan to absorb the last few events of the Fall Finish. It's tough to watch guys you never heard of sweating it out trying to secure their card for next year. I don't like grinding in my own game, much less watching s… more »

Travel tip: Southwest is the golfers' airline - for now

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You know the commercial with the two-faced ticket agent who tells the traveler his fare is $69 only to spin her head around Exorcist-style to reveal another face? Then the guy finds out that the airline has various miscellaneous charges that more than do… more »

Are you kidding me? Golfer Curt Hocker draws five aces

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You may have heard by now that 22-year-old Illinois golfer Curt Hocker recently recorded five aces in one week, including two during a single round. But it gets even better: Of his seven aces this year, five are on par-4s, and he also recorded two double… more »