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A year later after the oil spill, Louisiana, Gulf Coast golf and fishing appears to be fine

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LAKE CHARLES, La. -- It's been exactly a year since n explosion aboard the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig on April 20, 2010, killed 11 workers and released nearly 5 million barrels of oil in the Gulf of Mexico. Not only did it affect miles of coastline,… more »

(Rio) Grande plans for golf in Laredo, Texas with building of new muni Max A. Mandel Golf Course

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There are only a handful of golf courses in Laredo, Texas, which is exactly what you would expect. But city leaders have visions of this remote Texas border city located on the Rio Grande of southwest Texas becoming a golf destination.The first step… more »

Against the wind: Desert Pines Golf Club in Las Vegas can give you a break

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Anybody who's played golf in Las Vegas knows that you better bring your knock-down shot because it can get a little breezy. And in the desert, breezy can be downright difficult.So here's a suggestion: If you're in Las Vegas on a golf trip and you fin… more »

Edge-of-your-seat suspense makes for a superb Masters

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Honestly, once I knew I wasn't going to win our office pool, I really didn't care who won the Masters; it was just incredible to see the golf unfold.No doubt, many golf fans were thinking after Tiger Woods fired a 31 on the front side Sunday at Augus… more »

Agonizing over my Masters pool picks: Mickelson in; Tiger out

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For most of the country, Thursday is the start of the golf season. The Masters is the year's first major, a tournament that even non-golf fans will watch, especially if Tiger Woods is in contention.It's also when I start making my periodic donations… more »

Football, poker and golf: Check out the Football Legends event in Las Vegas

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If you're worried about the NFL lockout, worry no more. Pro Legends Golf and Walters Golf has an event that might quench your football fix -- at least until they get this labor mess worked out. It's called the Football Legends $1,000,000 Shootout in Las… more »

Conditions at Shell Houston Open, Redstone Golf Club unsurpassed

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HUMBLE, Texas ? During a spectacularly sunny spring week at the Shell Houston Open, the Tournament Course at Redstone Golf Club has never looked better. Players are calling the Rees Jones-designed course the best conditioned venue on the PGA Tour, save A… more »

So long Thailand, after a memorable and eventful golf trip

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TOKYO, Japan ? Well, it's good bye to Thailand, land of the endless pictures of King Rama IX and marathon massages, as I make my back to my comfort zone, known as the good old USA. It's a long trip, about 25 hours in all as I wait for my next leg at Toky… more »

These Thai elephants don't play golf, but they do have a great stroke

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CHIANG MAI, Thailand -- Of the many cultural activities I've experienced on this golf trip to Thailand, one of the more memorable was the Maesa Elephant Camp in the northern part of the country. The elephant camp is located up in the hills just outsi… more »

I'll take golf with a side order of Thai massage

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BANGKOK, Thailand -- Visiting Thailand for the first time, it's natural to have certain preconceptions. While I knew beforehand I would find many of the same conveniences I find at home, I was mildly surprised how similar the world has become.For exa… more »

In Thailand, caddies know golf and service

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PATTAYA, Thailand ? There are lots of things that differentiate a golf trip to Thailand, but one of the most significant is the compulsory caddie program. You might be thinking to yourself that you'd rather not, that you don't want to spend the extra… more »

To quote Billy Crystal: Golf Links at Royal Isabela in Puerto Rico simply 'marvelous'

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I get to play a lot of really good to great golf courses as part of this job, but every once in a while, I come across something that's simply marvelous. Such was the case last week when I visited the Golf Links Royal Isabela on the northwest coast of Pu… more »

Check out Kara, Parmate of the Month at Royal Links Golf Club in Las Vegas

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If your Las Vegas golf plans call for a round at Royal Links Golf Club ? or even if they don't ? here's something you might want to check out: the Parmate of the Month.If you're not familiar with the concept, Parmates represent the most fun you can l… more »

Puerto Rico not just another tropical golf setting

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RIO GRANDE, Puerto Rico -- Perhaps the best way to put perspective on a golf trip to Puerto Rico is take a trip into the El Yunque National Forest. Just minutes away from and above Trump International Golf Club, where the PGA Tour's Puerto Rico Open jus… more »

Buddies planning a golf trip can get a little help from their friends on the Web

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For traveling golfers there may not be anything more enjoyable than the buddy trip ? whether it?s taking the pilgrimage to Scotland to play at St. Andrews or planning a weeklong sojourn to Scottsdale, Ariz. But putting together such a trip can sometimes… more »
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